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Nobeoka No Omoide

English Class Notes, Nobeoka, Japan

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English Class Notes, Nobeoka, Japan
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Chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for Happiness.

Japanese and American Culture

October 12, 1998 Monday

Kaguya Hime is the name of a girl born from within a bamboo plant. A logger found her one day while cutting bamboo. When Kaguya Hime turned twenty, she flew to the moon. This story must be very much like what parents experience when their children 'fly the coop', or 'leave the nest'.

The Japanese title for the movie Forrest Gump is Ichigo- Ichi- E. (One time, one meeting.) Ichigo- Ichi- E comes from the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Sado). 'The Tea Way' is a special Japanese ceremony and has great meaning for the Japanese people. This ceremony is performed when it is expected that this might be their last meeting together. There is always a freshly bloomed flower displayed on the scene. But, what does this have to do with the movie Forrest Gump?

Also, the Japanese government recently gave the South Korean government thirty million dollars in the hopes of supporting the South Korean economy. And?

I took a couple of young boys to Mr. Max (a department store) this evening to do a little shopping and study a little English. One boy complained of a stomach ache, so we paid a little visit to Mc Donald's. When I asked the manager to cut the hamburger in two pieces, she stated that there were no knives available. I couldn't believe it, so I asked her again and again. Several other staff members indicated to me that her statement was correct. (I just can't believe that a hamburger stand would operate without even one knife handy. [Please note: My apologies. As a matter of fact, the store in question doesn't have a knife on hand.]

Takao presented a story on how the hot dog got it's name. According to him, a sausage company in Germany named it the 'frankfurter' during the mid 1800's. One day in 1901 at a New York Giants baseball game, a frankfurter salesman decided to heat the sausage and put it between two pieces of bread. A reporter took notice of it and decided to write about it in his news column. The reporter couldn't remember the correct spelling of frankfurter, so he just named it 'hot dog'.

When Madonna recently toured Japan, at the end of a concert, she asked the crowd; "Do you want to go home?" Many fans in the crowd yelled; "Yeah!" Miss Madonna was very much surprised. Can you guess why Miss Madonna was surprised at the crowd's reaction?

October 13, 1998 Tuesday

One member let us know that she visited a place called Aburatsu. An exhibition about various exploration teams that went to the South Pole was held there.

Another member of the class mentioned that she visited Totoro Town in Umechou. At a local bus stop she saw a large sized doll of Tonari No Totoro. (a famous Japanese cartoon animation character) She also saw a structure that resembled the 'Cat Bus' in the film. The interesting part of her story was when she said that Totoro Town in Nobeoka City is spelled with Japanese Kanji, while the Totoro Town in Umechou is spelled with Hiragana Japanese characters, and the Totoro in the movie is spelled with Katakana Japanese characters.

Another member mentioned that she will be having two of her oil paintings exhibited in Gomokuro Hiroba Store located in Yamashita Dourou, Nobeoka. This will be held on this coming weekend.

Another member mentioned that she experienced a bit of joy when she noticed a flower bud sprouting in her garden early this morning.

When I asked my students about their 'joy in life,' here are some of their answers: "I experience joy when..." 1. I get paid. 2. I enter the Furo. (Japanese bath), 3. I win five Igo games in a row. (Japanese chess game), 4. I'm counting my profit from my store at the end of the day. 5. I go to bed.

Howard said that he recently experiences joy when he finds a freshly laid egg from one of his Chabo. (a small sized Japanese chicken) Actually, they were killed by his neighbor's dog. He recently acquired some new 'Chibi'. They are doing fine in a cage. 8-14-2005

October 14, 1998 Wednesday

One Junior High School girl actually won a magazine contest where she was awarded a record album staring the band; 'Usher.'

She commented that the spelling of 'Totoro' in Umechou is actually in Kanji, not Hiragana Japanese characters.

She gave me a detailed report about the plant, Marimo, which grows in Hokkaido, Japan. This plant is shaped like a ball and grows in fresh water. The plant has small hair like particles growing all around it's body. The plant's roots do not grow in soil, they are free flowing. All that is needed is fresh water to be added every two days or so. This plant grows very slowly. Some are even more than 1,000 years old. They are sold in small aquariums for under seven hundred yen. The plant doesn't need to be given plant food. She regretted to say that her plant died, because she failed to change the water. She found the plant with all of it's hairs fallen off.

She also informed me that; seen within the naval of an orange there are several shapes. Seven shapes mean that there are seven smaller pieces of orange within.

Finally, for today, she let me know that a rather powerful typhoon is headed towards Japan. The typhoon should be nearing Nobeoka around this coming Sunday.

This was very good of her because I watch so little of television and the news. I appreciate her concern.

October 15, 1998 Thursday

A mathematical formula for changing Fahrenheit to Celsius: 5/9 times (Fahrenheight temperature minus 32).

I just remembered... A while back (about a year ago), I was invited to a drinking party in Nobeoka. I had drunk quite a lot. After the drinking party, the person who invited me to the party asked me to take a taxi home. I said that I would. However, I waited for her taxi to pull away and then proceeded to drive my motorcycle home. To my surprise, she was waiting around the corner sitting in her taxi. She stopped me and my motorcycle and asked me to take a taxi, once more. I blushed, and went on my way.

October 16, 1998 Friday

In a Japanese wedding reception (party) many types of dresses are worn by the bride. One dress is a white Kimono (Shiro Muku), the second dress is a multi-colored Kimono (Iro Uchi Kake), the next dress is a western style white wedding dress, and still another dress is a multi-colored western dress.

In America, the marriage certificate is most important, the wedding ceremony is of second importance, and the reception (party) is of less importance. In Japan, it's just the reverse. Most things in Japan are just the reverse. Can you think of any examples?

I have a small private class with three young boys. (five years old) Today, we played a Bingo Game consisting of 87 words and pictures. Intermingled with the Bingo Game I added a few sentence patterns. I also sang about fifteen songs for them. This lasted about fifteen minutes. Then, we "drew and talked." As each picture was completed, we made sure that we communicated as I wrote a title under each drawing. I like to add a little touching to my classes; a little chuck on the shoulder, a hand shake, a pat on the head. I believe that touching helps with communication.

I found another egg this evening. When I brought it to my wife, she said; "Oh, another egg was born." (in Japanese, of course) "Tamago Wo Unda." I said that in English we wouldn't use the word 'born' for an egg having been 'laid.'

Two of my Jr. High School students said that they have been having problems with their English teacher from America. They said that he doesn't seem to understand HOW the Japanese communicate with each other. Many times, Japanese communicate with a nod of the head, a squint of the eyes, or in a particular utterance. It is telepathy.

Also, my two friends said that they are annoyed with his constant repetition of certain words.

I believe that my friends are mistaking certain American gestures for anger.

I think that Japanese should learn to say what they are really feeling when they are communicating with foreigners. There are many forms of miscommunication between people of different backgrounds. We all need to try to be more specific, and add a little kindness, as we try to get along with people of other nationalities.

October 17, 1998 Saturday

The typhoon we are experiencing today is one of the strongest in history for 'Typhoon Ginza'. Typhoon Ginza is what Miyazaki Prefecture is referred to as, in a joking manner, because a 'crowd' of typhoons visit the area each year. However, this year, we have witnessed very few (a total of 11 so far).

During the last typhoon, a famous Pagoda was damaged by a falling tree. Fortunately, it was repaired. Many large trucks were blown over.

Ichigo Ichi E was a popular topic for this morning. It seems to mean something different to everyone in Japan: A. "Every day is different." B. We must think that each meeting is important." C. "One Life, One Meeting." D. "We must make the best of each encounter. " E. "Ultimately, the meaning of Ichigo- Ichi- E comes from Buddhism.

Kaguya Hime, the girl born from a bamboo plant who later flew to the moon... A. "A bamboo logger could make his riches and find a beautiful daughter to raise to adulthood. Kaguya Hime was a blessing given to an older couple for their happiness. Many Japanese look to this story for the meaning of happiness. In some parts of the story, there was sadness, however the story presents hope for many.

Momotaro, the 'Peach Boy,' born from a peach floating in a pond within a rice bowl found by an old woman, the Peach Boy was only 3 cm in size, but he was able to slay an ogre by entering the ogre's mouth and stabbing him in the stomach with a needle. This story has significant meaning for the Japanese. The rice bowl is a very important part of Japanese culture. Each family member has their own rice bowl, and eating rice with it is a daily experience.

Hanasaka Jiisan, traveled around with a small dog named 'Pochi.' Pochi was able to show Hanasaka where he could dig for gold. After an evil man stole Pochi, Pochi refused to lead the evil man to gold. So, the evil man killed Pochi. Hanasaka buried Pochi and planted a Sakura tree (Cherry Blossom Tree) above it's grave, but later another evil man cut the tree down and burned it. However, Hanasaka was able to throw the ashes of the Sakura tree over dead Sakura trees, the trees would then spring to life and become very beautiful for all to see. A wealthy man saw the beautiful Sakura trees and rewarded Hanasaka with riches.

October 19, 1998 Monday

Typhoon #11 passed through Nobeoka on Saturday. There was over 300 million worth of damage done. Two young men died in Okinawa. They were out watching the waves along with three other friends.

Gokase River rose to 4.5 meters in height. This was the highest it has ever risen to. Over 2,000 people took refuge (Hinan) to schools and local community centers.

One student visited Ikoma Kougen, a high plateau near Kirishima. There are many multi-colored Cosmos flowers growing all along the mountains. They don't smell very nice.

One student drove 2 1/2 hours to Miyazaki City in order to take a System Administration Examination. Where some Americans might take such a test in order to be able to write it into their resumes, this student took the test for training or educational purposes.

A story from a student: A hasty man living in a small village in Japan during the Edo Period, borrowed a pot from his neighbor. When it was accidentally broken, he decided to buy a new one at a local pottery store. As he entered the store, he noticed that all of the pots were turned over. He said to the clerk: "Hey, nobody buys pots that have no mouths!" After he turned one of the pots over, he said: "This pot has no bottom, either!" And, the man stormed out of the store. What do you think of this joke?

As I was entering my classroom this morning, I noticed several distinguishing looking ladies carrying small cases. I wanted to say to one: "What's in the case, a machine gun?" But, I didn't know the Japanese word for machine gun. Later, a student told me; Kikanjuu. Actually, they were carrying Taisho Koto, a small musical instrument.

October 20, 1998 Tuesday

(Seiri Seitom) "When entering a building in Japan, one should take their shoes off, place them on the floor, and turn them around facing the door." When I asked why? I was told:

1. "It's not beautiful." (not doing so.)

2. "It's not good manners."

3. "It's the custom in Japan."

4. "I think the man that doesn't follow this custom has no manners."

When I said that; "As a foreigner, I'm not expected to understand. I can act as an American," one comment was:

1. "There's no hope for it." (Shikata Ga Nai.)

On Ichigo- Ichi- E...(Daiji Na Koto) A. If there is personal growth after two or more people meet, then it could be considered Ichigo- Ichi- E. B. When one's life changes in some special way after meeting another, it could be considered Ichigo- Ichi- E.

Issun Boushi: 1. Issun-Boushi is a 3.3 cm boy found in a wooden rice bowl (Donburi) floating on a pond. When Issun-Boushi grew up he challenged an Ogre. The Ogre ran away but forgot his Uchi De No Kozuchi (a magical wooden hammer). Issun-Boushi was granted three wishes, each time he wished to grow in size. He later married a princess.

October 21, 1998 Wednesday

"I think that the culture in Miyazaki is very different from the culture in Kyoto."

"There is a nice custom here where people give a "Yu-no-mi," a set of tea cups to the newlyweds. Their names are printed on the tea cup pottery. Many 'golden memories' are created in the presence of these cups."

"The groom has a wedding band made with the date of their wedding carved into the inside of the ring."

October 23, 1999 Friday

Today, we talked about diet. If one has diabetes, one should lose weight, cut down on oils, salad oil and fatty meet. Exercise is also important. Walking is best.

We also talked about fishing. I met a distinguishing looking man fishing along with three others near Sumie Beach. I guess, since he was older than the other two, he was glad to share his fishing secrets with me. He seemed glad to talk to a foreigner.

In my after lunch class, we talked about Genji Monogatari. This is a novel written during the Heian period, about 1,200 years ago, by Murasaki Shikibu. It's about Genji and his twenty or so lovers. Genji was very popular with the ladies. He would write Tanka, Japanese poems and capture their love. From the ages of 15 to 47, when he died, he was very active. This novel is very popular with women in Japan, not so much with the men. The members of this class seemed to feel that Genji's lovers all had different characters. It was a happy time for Genji , but often proved a sad one for the women. The reason Genji was good with women was because when he was three years old, his mother died. He gave them "True Love." Heartfelt love?

There is a farmer's festival in Hyuga today. There will be an exhibition, dancing and food. Come one, come all.

Michiko's Manuscript: This is the manuscript of the current Japanese Empress, Michiko. She wrote about her childhood during the Second World War, her evacuation into the country side, and how there were so few books available. This manuscript is in Japanese and English. This manuscript seems to be very popular with the women in Japan.

We discussed an article that appeared in the newspapers recently. A woman who's son died in the Wakayama Curry Incident explained how she looked out the window and found a Higanbana (flower) that she could talk to. Her son's voice came from the flower and said a few words. The woman prayed to the flower as it ascended to the heavens. This is a very popular story with women of Japan.

Three months ago, the Wakayama Curry Incident happened. The police recently arrested a couple, Mayumi and Kenji Hayashi. Mayumi is in her 30's and Kenji is in his 50's. It is said that the couple invited their six colleagues and Mayumi's mother to dinner and later Karaoke. Mayumi is alleged to have served them curry rice tainted with cyanide (Shian- Kabutsu). Coincidentally, there was a local festival nearby being held. There is where four other people were taken ill from cyanide poisoning. Prior to the party at the Hayashi's house, the Hayashi's are alleged to have purchased life insurance policies for several people costing them over $5,000 a month. After several people died in Wakayama from cyanide poisoning, the Hayashi's are believed to have collected on the life insurance policies and; bought a new house, a second mansion, a new foreign car, and several pieces of expensive jewelry. The police found cyanide in the Hayashi's home and arrested them. Recently, the husband also took ill. What a very, very dark idea.

October 26, 1998 Monday

In my morning class, we discussed Mr. Suketaka Matsukata, the Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture. He's running for Governor once more. He's in his early 80's and still so very energetic.

We also discussed the movie The King And I. The King and I seems to be a very good movie to study English by. In the movie is an English teacher. She speaks very fluent and understandable English.

In addition, we discussed some of the needs of the city of Nobeoka. We tentatively concluded that Nobeoka needs roads. With roads, more businesses will probably move to Nobeoka. More businesses means more jobs. More jobs means that more young people will stay in Nobeoka and more young people will move to Nobeoka.

During my afternoon class, we discussed some difficulties with communicating in English. What do you say when you don't understand?

"Please speak more slowly?"

"Please explain it to me?"

"Could you please write it down for me?"

"What does this word mean?"

During the Edo Period, a man was burying his riches. He said to his riches, "If another man comes here, change into a snake." Another man was listening and watching in secrecy, he later dug up the riches and replaced them with a real snake. When the man returned to view his riches, he noticed the snake and said to it: "Don't you remember me? Don't you remember me? Please change back into my riches!"

October 27, 1998 Tuesday

During our noon class, we talked about the Noh Play held in Nobeoka on Shiro Mountain a couple of weeks ago.

We also talked about programmable radios. They are called "Pre-set" radios in Japan.

October 28, 1998 Wednesday

During lunch, one of our topics was concerning Natto (fermented beans). One either loves it or hates it. That's unusual for Japanese, I think, because seldom do I hear Japanese say that they hate something. I usually hear them say "ma ma desu." (so so) It is said that Eastern Japanese generally like Natto and Western Japanese dislike it. I'm not clear as to why.

We also discussed the "Daima-Jin." Daima-Jin is a statue of a relief pitcher for the Yokohama Bay Stars. His salary is now over 3 million dollars a year. He was able to pull some rabbits out of a hat for the Bay Stars during a few of their important games.

In addition, we covered "Yakudoshi." When a man is between 39 and 45 years of age, this period of a man's life is called Yakudoshi or unfortunate age. It might be a good idea to perform "Takeshima." (Cutting some bamboo for good luck.)

Or, how about cutting one's fingernails in the dark? It's not only dangerous, it's bad luck to do so. Do you think so?

November 4, 1998 Wednesday

Sumo (Japanese Wrestling) was the topic for today. A most memorable (Kiokusubeki) Sumo match was between Chiyonofuji and the young Takanohana. When the great Chiyonofuji was beaten by Takanohana, he soon retired. He was in his late thirties. Does anyone know the reason for his retirement?

A visit to a `non-attended booth` (Ginnan) in the country brings interesting rewards. Does anyone have an interesting experience while visiting a Ginnan?

November 5, 1998 Thursday

Many Japanese companies are merging (Gappei- suru) with Western companies. Tohmi plant has more than 10 visitors from foreign countries per year. Does this call a need for better English studies?

Howard commented that maybe he had better merge with Geos or ECC.

Sony's infrared (Sekigaisen no) camera came under fire during class. It seems that the camera has extra sensory powers. Does anyone know what we are referring to here?

John Glenn recently took another flight into space. Is this an advertisement for the American space program?

Tea made from lettuce may be a good remedy for sleepless nights. Or, how about B complex vitamins?

November 9, 1998 Monday

Last Sunday, there was a "Shougai Gaku Shuu" held in Nobeoka. Over 1,000 guests attended, including about 20 foreigners.

I expressed my desire to stop a club that I had recently created. I was advised that it was "Keizoku wa chikara nari." ( continue is to be strong.)

Recently, the "Jiyuuto" of Japanese politics, proposed a 20,000 yen coupon. It is to be given to people under fifteen, people over sixty-five and people in the lower economic group.

November 3, 1998 Tuesday

One student recently listened to a speaker from Germany. His speech was in English, but very little could be understood by this student.

Is this another reason to study English?

The "Kairan-Ban" is an interesting custom in Japan. A bag full of messages, flyers, and other information is passed from house to house. This activity is organized by the local community centers.

November 11, 1998 Wednesday

One student mentioned that his kindergarten teacher often scolded him by doing "Genkotsu." (...the knocking on the head with the use of knuckles.) This student wants to meet his teacher once more. (If a teacher had given me a knuckle sandwich, I would also like to meet-up with him, but not for the same reasons.)

November 13, 1998 Friday

What does "Sakari" mean in Japanese? It refers to the time of the year that dogs and cats feel an urge to mate.

In my lunch-hour class, we discussed various needs when traveling; tickets, reservations, cash, travelers checks, health insurance, driver's license, etc.

I suggested that renting a room would be a nice alternative to staying in a hotel.

November 16, 1998 Monday

One student told a joke. "A patient told his doctor that he was forgetful. The doctor told him to pay in advance."

Another joke: "Adam asked Eve if she would always love him. Eve said: Who else?"

And, a riddle: "Why do pastors carry a Bible? A Bible can't walk."

November 18 Wednesday

What is Kaimyo? It's a piece of wood made by a priest. The priest writes a new name for a recently deceased person on it, and sells it to the family for a given amount of money. The piece of wood is placed near the grave. Prices start at 30 thousand yen.

November 19, 1998 Thursday

Did you know that the "zu" in Mochizuki and the "zu" in Suzuki sound different? I recently learned why.

A few years ago, I called my friend in California and mentioned to him that the sky sure looks different from Southern California. He said I must be crazy. Today, I learned from on my students that the sky IS actually different. People in Southern California can never see the same sky that the people in Southern Miyazaki see.

There is a new barrier being built near Tohmi Plant. I had thought it a shame. But, I was informed that the road will be raised one meter so that people will still be able to enjoy the view of the ocean.

December 12, 1998 Saturday

We discussed the need for 'children's cartoons' in Japanese television. The missing link is the fun kind of English. Children usually watch TV cartoons in order to build their English skills. Let's ask NHK to add American cartoons to their TV guide.

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December 14, 1998 Monday

December 23rd is Emperor's Day. Besides putting out the flag, some Japanese visit Meiji Shrine in order to attend a ceremony held there.

December 15, 1998 Tuesday

We discussed the problem in Japan concerning old-age benefits. (Pensions) When the year 2015 comes around, over 25% of the population will be over 65 years old. The solution to the problem in the article was: "When the year 2015 comes around, find another job.

December 16, 1998 Wednesday

Juuni shi: The Rat God summoned twelve animals; ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, boar. Since the Rat God failed to summon the cat, the cat always chases the rat.

In Kitakata Cho, Miyazaki Ken, there are twelve towns named after these animals, in Japanese, of course.

December 17, 1998 Thursday

Unusually, colored cherry blossom leaves can be found near Tohmi Plant, Nobeoka. But, this year, the leaves have a different coloration.

Does this mean that next year the cherry blossom trees will not bloom properly,

We discussed Koko Ga Hen Dayou, an interesting TV program that allows foreigners to comment about on the odds and ends of Japan. The Japanese say that the foreigners on this program speak Japanese rather well.

December 18, 1998 Friday

When a Japanese family member dies during a year, for the following year, New Year's Cards are not sent out. Chuu Cards are sent out instead. Chuu cards are cards of mourning.

During a Japanese wedding, the bride gives flowers to her parents, thanking them for taking care of her for so many years. It's called Hanataba Zoutei.

December 21,1998 Monday

Since my wife and child are traveling in America, I was asked if I was lonely. I said that I wasn't. I was told that I was "Yase- gaman." Yase Gaman is used when someone is truly lonely, but pretends not to be.

A Joke from a student:

"A man said that his dog was lost. Another man said; Why don't you put an advertisement in the newspaper?" The man said; "It won't do any good. My dog can't read."

The story of St. Nicholas... St. Nicholas inherited a huge estate. He gave it to the poor. One day, he saw three sisters. They were poor, so he threw some of his gold into the window of their house. The gold pieces happened to fall into their stockings. That's how the custom of putting out stockings for the coming of Santa Claus came about.

Another joke from a student: A customer said to a waiter at a restaurant; "Hey! Waiter! Wait a minute." There are two meanings to the words 'wait a minute.' One is, give me some service.

Another joke: A man goes to an ear doctor. "Doc! I'm cured!" The doctor says; "Good. That will be five hundred dollars." The man says: "What did you say?"

December 22, 1998 Tuesday

Takanabe High School has a fantastic rugby team this year. All of fifty of the players are going to Oosaka to play in THE important tournament of the year. The alumni of each school year must, as a group, fork-up from 200,000 to 400,000 yen. That means that each alumni are being asked to donate approximately 3,000 yen. Good luck to the team and to the people of Takanabe Cho, Miyazaki, Japan.

January 18, 1999 Monday

The traffic signals on Route 10 are computer controlled. According to a study seventy percent of Japanese drivers do not stop on the yellow.

January 24, 1999 Sunday

I was asked by my local community center leader to help clean the local elementary school because my daughter goes there. I spent the good part of the morning cleaning windows in the gym.

January 29, 1999 Friday

I was informed that Asahi Foods was purchased by Japan Tobacco. Three-hundred employees changed hands.

February 2, 1999 Tuesday

I would like to start a bilingual club for children in Nobeoka. I am looking for children that have studied in an English speaking country for at least a year.

Warabi (bracken and osmund) grow wild around these parts.

February 10, 1999 Wednesday

In Yakushima, there is a famous cedar tree that is over 4,000 years old. It's from the Joumon period.

February 12, 1999 Friday

Gotaifu Manzoku is a best selling book in Japan. It was written by a student from Waseda University. He was born without arms and legs. He's into many things. (Nandemo dekiru) Does anyone know his name?

The cities of Tokyo and Osaka have former comedians as their mayor. It is said that the voters elected them as a kind of joke to the ruling class. (Who are the ruling class?)

Dioxin is believed to cause colon (Daicho) cancer.

March 27, 1999 Saturday

Some employees guarantee loans for their employers in order to continue to be employed. (Hoshou Nin)

"If a person is your good friend, he doesn't ask for a loan."

Japanese think "we." Americans think "I."

An employee's wife must obey her husband's employer's wife. (Old custom?) This idea comes from the Tokugawa Jidai (era), a Samurai system from the Tokyo area.

Osaka has a unique social system. The people have a direct way of speaking. The people of Osaka are mostly made up of businesspersons.

March 23, 1999 Tuesday

Keiko Ibi won an Oscar for Best Short Documentary. Mrs. Ibi has lived in America for over eight years. She was named Miss Japan a few years back. Her husband is American he was the cameraman for her film.

Warabi (Bracken): Boil it, cook it in a pan with a little oil, raw eggs, soy sauce and sugar. Enjoy. But, will eating bracken cause Kesseki (kidney stones)?

There is a gay bar in Miyazaki city called Wabisuke Gay Bar. It's must be profitable because there are six people on duty. The place has 30 chairs and Biziamu) background music is listened to.

A Tachinbo on the street of Miyazaki is associated with street sex. Tachinbo are older women who offer street-sex while the patron is standing.

One of my high school students is on Holiday. But, she must attend extracurricular activities (Kagai). Their idea of extracurricular activity is studying math, science and Japanese. How about an excursion to a factory of some kind? Or, how about just a visit to a river or mountain slope in order to study nature?

March 25, 1999 Thursday

Hayaru means to be in fashion. Karakau means to tease. Some students from Shougakkan were teased when they went on a trip to Tokyo recently. The locals were teasing them because of their dressing style.

A student from another school believes that the students from Shougakkan are not fashion conscious. ("They are un-cool. They don't keep up with the latest fashions that can be viewed in the latest fashion magazines."

One of my students visited Yakishima Island. She met a drifter selling various pieces of his own art. Actually, she was given a piece by the man. The man hadn't taken a bath in a while.

Another student was paid a visit by her grandmother. Her grandmother prepared Ohagi Dango, a kind of bean-rice cake. Her grandmother used salt instead of sugar as an ingredient.

Another student visited Niigata. Niigata is famous for it's crab and lobster.

TonTon means "plus, minus equals zero." It's a business term used when a business isn't making very much profit.

Keiko Ibi's next documentary will be about cheerleaders.

is a movie directed by Mr. Kurosawa. It was written by Yuunousuke Akutagawa.

Didn't Mr. Kurosawa win an Oscar for this movie? One student visited Kyushu Hoken Fukushi Daigaku. A college in Nobeoka focusing on health and welfare. The design of the buildings of Kyushu Hoken Fukushi Daigaku are not held high in acclaim.

Tsukushi is osmund. Warabi is bracken.

Ponpiki means swindler or pimp.

Tachinbo means "being kept standing."

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March 26, 1999 Friday

One student, a dietitian, mentioned that she recently performed a 'health-check'. Her patient was happy to receive stamp on his card indicating that his health was in good shape.

In Japan, various stamps are offered as a kind of encouragement for work well done. In America, a happy face or a sad face is drawn by the teacher on the student's work.

Mr. Wataki died. He is said to have died of lung disease. He is remembered for his harsh way of speaking and his tender way of teaching. He taught many students at Oosenchoo, a building used in Nobeoka for classes of all kinds.

One student held tickets for Green Haku, a showing of English style gardening ways in the city of be held soon.

TonTon is the name of a Panda. And is also an expression for 50/50. Or, it could mean that things aren't going well for the business in question. It could also mean "hima." Hima is an expression for slow business activity.

Yakusugi is the name of the old tree in Yakushima. It is said to be over 1,300 years old, a cedar tree.

Ran is the name of a movie by Kurosawa, a Samurai film. Fortunately, the cast speaks Hyoujungo (standard Japanese) in the film. Usually, in older Samurai films, an old type of Japanese is spoken. This movie was made, perhaps, ten years ago.

Some apartment buildings in Japan are set up for only single people. Even the single males and the single females are separated by floors. Having lived in Japan for over ten years, I can't remember if it is so in America.

March 27, 1999 Saturday

Shinseishou is an application for overtime pay. Most Japanese do not receive pay for their overtime work. When one works overtime, it is considered voluntary. They are volunteered by their employers to work overtime, so to speak.

Almost everyone in an office wait for the emperor to stand and make ready for departure before they themselves start to leave the office. That is to say, employees do not run for the door when the clock strikes closing time.

March 29, 1999 Monday

The Koushin is in progress. (Japanese High School Baseball Tournament.) At the present time, Nichinan Gakuen (High School) is tied with Kiyama Gakuen, 1 to 1. Nichinan is about 50 kilometers South of Miyazaki City in Kyushu.

Dogs in Japan are named with people names. (Jiro, Taro, John and Runa)

American dogs are named after things. For example, if the dog has a spot on his body, he might be named "Spot."

Japanese give blood voluntarily. In America, most people give blood voluntarily, but some people are paid a certain amount according to the rarity of their blood type, some times as much as $175.00.

March 30, 1999 Tuesday

One student visited The Flower and Green Festival held near Sea Gaiya, Miyazaki. They stayed in Hotel 45. (45 floors) The festival cost 1,500 yen per person.

Does anyone know what "Gaiya" in Sea Gaiya means?

At a funeral for Mr. Masayuki Wataki, a prayer was held. Also, a short speech was given by his close friend. No songs were sung. It was a Buddhist funeral. Rinnetensei, the transmigration of the soul was discussed.

March 31, 1999 Wednesday

One student forgot his wedding anniversary. He was reminded by his wife when he returned home. Since he had scheduled an office gathering for the evening, he rescheduled his wedding anniversary dinner for this evening.

April 4, 1999 I remember having family picnics with my American co-workers. In Japan, this is a new idea. Some sections of Japanese companies have "recreational days." For example, employees and their families will go to the riverside, bring along some fresh fish and have a cook- out. Other members of the group may try their hand at fishing in the river. Also, employees will do some bowling together. Is it possible to drink beer in a Japanese establishment while bowling?

While eating osoba (soup), making slurping sounds is acceptable. In Japan, it is unacceptable to have one's elbows on the table, but drinking from the bowl is a common practice.

A Mr. Tani of Fujinaka Kousan Company own quite a bit of land in Nobeoka City.

April 2, 1999 Friday

Once in a while, in Japanese companies, family gatherings are held including wives and children, but husbands are not permitted to attend.

Sayonara (good-bye) Parties and Welcome Parties are held for arriving and departing members of a group. Only company staff are welcome at these gatherings.

It is said that daughters look similar to their fathers and sons look similar to their mothers. Having come from America, I can't remember if Americans have the same view.

Kanjiro, Japanese rice crackers, are made with 150 mg of calcium. 600 mg of calcium is the recommended minimum daily requirement. Kanjiro is manufactured by Asahi Foods. As some of us know, Asahi Foods was recently purchased by JT (Japan Tobacco).

April 3, 1999 Saturday

One student went on a business trip to Egypt. He said that it was awful. Taxis lined up three in a row on two lane streets. He saw many 30 to 40 year old automobiles, many without bumpers. While he was in transit, his suitcase was lost in Istanbul.

We also discussed "working for others," and how offering it to employees could be a great way to motivate them to work harder.

In another class, we discussed how Japanese tax officials are able to search one's premises as long as they have a Seitounaryuu (warrant). Tax officials are even able to enter residences.

In addition, we talked about how when teaching children, it is a good idea to teach them to believe in themselves.

April 5, 1999 Monday Over 2,000 people visited Shiroyama. (Shiro Mountain) Some of them enjoyed the cherry blossom trees while they were in full bloom.

While fishing in Japan, fishermen can enjoy the lack of size limits imposed by gaming officials. Some fishermen put over five worms on a single hook. The larger fish may think that something is moving when they see it.

Sakurayu is a kind of tea made with cherry blossom flower petals. The petals are salted and pressed with a stone inside a jar for two to three months. No one said that they liked drinking this particular concoction. (Kongou)

One student visited Osuzu Mountain where she viewed three of the five waterfalls nearby. She parked near Yatogi No Taki.

April 6, 1999 Tuesday

One student's grandfather passed away. He fell while living in a hospital. He had been living in the hospital for over six years. He was 88 years old. At his funeral, members of the family placed his bones inside an urn (Kotsutsubo) or (Oogata ko-hi- wakashi) while using chopsticks made out of bamboo.

During Show and Tell, toothpicks made of 20% potato, 20% sweet potato and 60% corn were passed around in class. Pigs are known to choke to death while eating food from restaurants that have wooden toothpicks in it.

Sengumaki is a ceremony in Japan where Mochi (rice cakes), candy and money are thrown off of the frame of a building to waiting neighbors down below. Yakuyoke means "Please welcome me into your neighborhood."

We also talked about how many of these kinds of gifts appear to be a bribe to many Americans. However, after living in Japan for many years, one begins to understand that this kind of gift-giving is one Japanese way of offering kindness.

April 7, 1999 Wednesday One student went on a tour of Disney World. One problem he had was understanding English while using the telephone. He also had trouble understanding English spoken over loud speakers.

One student was volunteered to help in a local election campaign. She announced various messages over a fog horn while sitting in a moving vehicle. Her voice became hoarse and she caught a cold. But, at least her duty to her group had been fulfilled.

Another student met a local marathon star at a Ogura Ichiba Restaurant. Her girlfriend was able to get his autograph. He was with his Konpa (group).

Still another student went to Nango to enter an Onsen (Japanese bath). The water in the Onsen was described as murky (off-colored). She wanted to eat Jidori (wild chicken) but at the time she wasn't hungry. When she returned to Hyuga City, they had Jidori in a local restaurant.

April 8, 1999 Thursday

After one student visited a hot spring he felt Tsubutsuru (a slippery feeling over the skin that is enjoyed after entering a medicinal hot spring). Yakuyoke is throwing small presents off of the frame of a new building. Some presents contain money from 5 to 10,000 yen. A golden colored piece of wood could mean a new television, a silver painted piece of wood could mean a new bicycle, and a red painted piece could mean a fresh Tai (Japanese fish). The reason for Yakuyoke is to share evil that may reside within the building with your neighbors. Some neighbors give money to the owner of the new building. We joked that that neighbor may desire to return the evil back to the sender.

One student complained about the idea of giving tips in America. The student disliked the idea of having to calculate for each tip.

One student brought to class a wooden box that had contained a gift certificate of 40,000 yen. She decided to return the box to the store for recycling.

One student talked about her office. Once a month or so office personnel gather for a climb to the top of Atago Mountain. The office personnel, while at the top, have a cup of tea or can of juice and enjoy the scenery. This activity is held after work on a Wednesday, a working day.

The number of monkeys on or near Atago Mountain has increased in recent years. Recently, a monkey pushed an older lady. The lady fell and seriously damaged her hip and/or back. It is not known just how many monkeys are around Atago, but the figure seems to be about 50 to 100 monkeys.

Another office group visited Shiro Mountain for a Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing Party). They enjoyed hors d'oeuvres. (oodoburu)

April 12, 1999 Monday

One student visited Guri-n Haku Miyazaki which roughly translates to: Green Garden Exhibition in Miyazaki City. She met her parents there and enjoyed a walk through. They were unable to see the exhibition by an English group because the English garden was set too far to the back of the exhibition. People grew tired of all of the walking involved.

Yamabiraki is named after the opening of the mountain climbing season in Japan.

Kappo-zaki is Japanese rice wine (Sake). It is called that because of the sound that is heard when pouring the Sake from a bamboo container that was heated near an open fire. The "kappo...kappo...kappo" sound is very familiar to Japanese.

Fude-oroshi is what a male virgin is referred to. Fude is Japanese for painting brush.

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April 15, 1999 Thursday

One student that went through "chiazuke," (a piece of pickle in one night), has a good chance of passing her exam. She received 20 points for doing her winter vacation homework. And, she knows for sure that she has answered three questions correctly of which she receives 10 points each. She only needs 60 points in order to pass the exam consisting of a total of 200 points. So, all she needs is another 10 points.

Chiazuke are the small pieces of pickle that one gets with their meal at a typical restaurant. Since Chiazuke takes a long time to prepare, over two months, and since the student in question failed to study for the exam, she has to pull an all-niter, (she has to study all night long.)

I was told that "fude-oroshi" is the name of the Japanese writing brush made from the virgin baby hairs of little children. Fude-oroshi is later presented to the child when he/she becomes an adult. A young boy who has never had sex before is referred to as fude-oroshi.

April 19, 1999 Monday

Kamon is, I think, a kind of Japanese family mark or logo? All families have one. It is used for weddings, funerals and the Obon ceremony. Oshirushi is a Japanese family crest?

"Sadako is going to kill everyone. She has been dead for over 30 years. Sadako is from the Japanese movie Ring. (Ringu) I personally fast forwarded through this movie and felt the chills rush through my spine several times.

Rengeso is a kind of flower that is grown in rice paddies during the off-season and used for cow feed. It is a local favorite of school girls to stop to pick them on their way home from school. Japanese from the cities may not know of this activity, having grown up in the big city where there are few rice paddies. A type of necklace is often made with the flowering tips of Rengeso by young school girls.

One student told of a restaurant owner in a small town near Kagoshima, Japan who is offering free dinners for one of the welfare assistance certificates (approximate value: $200.00) from persons over 65 years of age. This restaurant owner desires to do something to help the Japanese economy improve. So far, three patrons have taken him up on the offer. Dinner for life? or, Dinner for the rest of one's life! What a deal! But, why have only three bought into the deal?

Second story from the same English student: A restaurant owner in an American city offered free lunches with a beer for life if the customer placed a small tattoo on their body, anywhere on their body, a tattoo of the logo of the restaurant. People who subscribed to this offering often feel, perhaps, a little guilty and usually leave a large tip after they've had their free lunch and free beer.

My comment is that if Americans feel guilty, I believe that Japanese over 65 would feel even more guilty about taking free meals for their remaining lifetimes, but the restaurant owners are probably having a good chuckle while enjoying dinner with their families. Don't you think so?

Hawaii is moving closer to Japan by 2-3 feet each year! Better brush-up on your English.

All of the top companies in Japan have decided not to let their employees fly in airplanes on December 31, 1999

April 20, 1999 Tuesday

The certificates that I referred in the previous post is called Chiikishin Kouken. A Chiikishin Kouken is for 20,000 yen and is given to the parents of children under 16 and is given to elders over 65 years of age. Perhaps, this Chiikishinkouken could have a greater effect if it were given to people over 18 and under 30. Perhaps, the money would be well spent and the economy would be given a "kick-start" in the right direction?

The restaurant that I referred to in the previous post is called Tonkatsu Yasan.

"Here's looking at you, Kid." Kimi to hitomi ni kanpai. (A line from Casablanca, the movie.)

April 22, 1999 Thursday

Each year after a wedding anniversary, a candle from the wedding is burned down just so much to indicate one more year being married.

April 23, 1999 Friday

I asked a group of Jr. High School student's their idea of a good teacher:

1. Gentle.

2. Interesting.

3. Fun.

4. Offers Free Time.

5. Handsome.

6. Good Personality.

7. Shares own experiences.

8. Doesn't get angry.

9. Good teaching ability.

April 28, 1999 Wednesday

Mahoubin means thermos in Japanese. Mahou means magic. Bin means container. So, Magic Container.

Chinese sand particles, Kousa, surround us here in Hyuga City. Kousa looks like fog or smog, but it's probably harmless.

The Bonsai plant, I believe is pronounced Bonsai in California. Bon means tray and sai means to plant.

April 30, 1999 Friday

Some Japanese are going to pick tea. It's the time of the season. Hachi Juu Hachi Ya means 88 nights. It takes 88 nights to grow tea leaves. The starting period is from February 4th to May 1st. The tea leaves are dried, Momu: squeezed, and boiled for a nice cup of tea, Madam?

Hakata Dontaku is one of the most famous festivals in Japan. Over three million spectators will investigate the various dishes on display and for sale. My wife is going to such festival. She will travel on a train for four hours there, and four hours, plus walk around and buy up all the goods for her store in Igata Town, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan.

May 4 , 1999 Tuesday

This is Golden Week in Japan. I've been taking it easy, just doing nothing and laying around at home. I suppose I should be drinking at my friends house, but I have no such friends. After living here in Nobeoka for ten years, I still haven't made what I call a friend. Well, guess I'll just keep on keeping on.

May 6, 1999 Thursday

One member of our class borrowed his sister's car and drove his wife, two daughters, mother and father to Reoma World. It was a two and a half hour drive from Nobeoka to Beppu, Oita Prefecture. They then boarded the ferry to Shikoku. That experience required another four hours of travel. The drive from the ferry drop-off point to Reoma World was another two hours. Reoma World is on the North end of Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku Island, Japan. The amusement park has a special ride that is a cylindrical like object with a bridge inside where people are able to walk through. On the ceiling of the object are neon lights, and the cylinder itself is revolving. Participants experience some difficulties while walking through the object. He said it was a quite a ride.

Another member of the class mentioned that he was born in Takamatsu City. He shared some ideas about the area and drew us a very nice map. He also mentioned that the people in the area speak a special kind of Osaka dialect.

May 7, 1999 Friday

May 3rd was Kodomo no Hi, a day for children.

One member of our class visited Eto Rando, Eto Land in Kita Kata City. In this city, there are twelve towns named after animals. For example, Ryu means dragon. She went "grass skiing." She fell down only a few times, but today, her legs ache.

Another member went to Kijima Kougen, a hill with a spectacular view in Beppu City.

And, another member had her sister over for a few days. Her sister was born in Nobeoka but now lives in Tokyo. I asked her what her sister likes to do when returning to her Furusato, home town. Well, it seems that her sister likes to eat Takana-Zuke (pickles), Iwashi (sardines) and Hyuga Nattsu (a kind of orange).

May 11, 1999 Tuesday

There will be a flower arrangement exhibition at Azumaya Department store during May 14th through May 16th. (Ikebana) --- On Saturday, May 15th, 2,500 people will carry Chochin (lanterns) to Shiakusho (City Hall) starting at 6:00 PM. Nobeoka high school is having their 100th Kinenbi (Anniversary).

A thumbs-up sign or gesture could mean "good job!" But, in Japan, a thumbs-up sign could stand for Dansei (male). The "little finger-up" sign could be a sign for Josei (woman). ---

May 12, 1999 Wednesday

A Go-e-mon is the name for a Japanese old style bath and it is also the name for a thief or robber. It seems, a long time ago, thieves and robbers were boiled to death (executed) in large cast iron pots filled with water. The cast iron pot and water was heated by lighting pieces of wood underneath. This pot was and still is used for taking a bath in Japan. So, this type of bath is called a Go-e-mon. ---

May 13, 1999 Thursday

A tale was told during class today. The story was about a Doctor, a brother and a sister. The brother was hit by a bullet when young and was treated by the doctor. The brother turned out to be a killer later in life. Consequently, the sister wanted to kill him. In addition, the sister was in love with the doctor. We ran out of time, so this tale will continue next week. By the way, the name of the Japanese comic book that this story comes from is, Mansuta (Monster). Do you know the tale?

May 15, 1999 Saturday

Saturday Rakugo means story teller.

Kiken Kitanai refers to cheap labor that was used not too long ago by Japanese business. Some Japanese businessmen are now wishing that they still had access to such.

"Credit Cards" exist in Japan, but most are of a different sort. "Cash Card" may be a better reference word. These cash cards are used to buy things, but the payment is withdrawn from the cash card holder's, bank- cash- account.

"Since Americans have real credit cards, Americans do not need to save their money." Comment?

More on Go-E-Mon: A person named Go-e-mon tried to steal a roof ornament made entirely of gold, a figure of a fish, that was placed on the roof of a castle in Nagoya City. The locals captured the would be thief and placed him inside of a large, cast-iron pot filled with boiling water. The floating piece of wood inside of the pot was used to stand on while wearing Geta, Japanese wooden slippers. The name of the golden fish was Kin No Shachi Hoko.

May 17, 1999 Monday

The first Kidney transplant was performed in Osaka, Japan.

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May 18, 1999 Tuesday

One of our member's volleyball team won their game last weekend. After the game, they all went to a Yaki Niku restaurant. The name of the restaurant is Kibunya. Her group is called a Fujimbu group. Fujimbu stands for a ladies group.

I told the story of our Chabo. Chabo is the name of miniature chickens in Japan. This morning our rooster was showing his hen where the good food was by making his special sound. The hen would run to where he was indicating. But, when the hen had caught a flying insect, the rooster jumped onto the hen's back and held her comb in his beak. The hen refused to give even a little to her partner. That evening, I mentioned the story to some of my class with my wife present. After I commented that it seemed very much like our family, my wife let out a grunting sound.

Another member of the class said that he thought that his grandson was becoming "Gojoupari." Gojoupari is a Japanese term meaning spoiled brat, or Wagamama (Mama's boy).

We also discussed the recent tornadoes in America. A tornado in Japanese is Tatsumaki. There are Uzushio in the waters of Japan. Uzushio is a kind of "twister" within the ocean, a swirl?

May 19, 1999 Wednesday

One member shared his coin collection with us. He showed us some coins from Italy, Switzerland and America. Some coins were flattened by a machine he had used while vacationing at Disney World, Florida.

A Japanese Joke:

The Titanic was sinking and three men were standing on the deck, a British gentlemen, an American, and a Japanese samurai. The British gentlemen said that he would jump because of his honor. And, he did. The American said that he would jump because of his family. And, he did. The Japanese samurai said that he would jump because everyone was jumping. And, he did.

Chabo is translated as bantam, like a bantam weight boxer.

May 20, 1999 Thursday

Monster, the continuing story...

Monster was written by Naoki Urasawa. He is considered one of Japan's most famous comic book writers.

Kenzo Tenma, the surgeon, treated Yohan, the twin brother of Rina for a cranial nerve disorder that he had received when he was shot with a gun by his sister. He was a young boy at the time, living in an orphanage with his sister.

This orphanage was located in East Germany. It was a special orphanage because it was dedicated to "the remodeling of children's souls."

Yohan grew up to be an extraordinary monster, a cool killer. Although he was considered rather handsome, he ran around killing people he met.

Rina meets Dr. Tenma and falls in love with him. Together, they decide that they must find Yohan and kill him, because there is not enough evidence for the police to prosecute.

To be continued...

Monster is a serialized comic book publication in Japan.

Ms. Hikaru Utada, the daughter of Keiko Fuji is now the most popular singer in Japan. Ms. Utada's mother, Keiko, is famous for singing Enka, a Japanese style song. One of her most famous songs is entitled: Yumei Wa Yoru Hiraku, which is roughly translated as; Dreams Open in the Night.

May 21, 1999 Friday

Today, we talked about One Child, the Japanese title of this book is Shi-ra. Shi-ra is six year old girl that was seen trying to burn her younger brother at the stake. At a hospital for the insane, her doctor discovered that she had an IQ of 180 or better. This true story took place in Montana, USA during the 50's. Shi-ra later became a McDonald's Restaurant manager. This novel was translated into 22 different languages.

May 22, 1999 Saturday

Today, we talked about Right-Hand-Thinking and Left-Hand-Thinking. Just a few examples:

1. Japanese drive on the left and Americans drive on the right.

2. Japanese doors open from the left and American doors open from the right.

3. Japanese jackets zip up with the left hand and American jackets zip up with the right hand.

But, today there was some confusion on my part. One student asked my daughter, Mia, if she was the tallest in her class. Mia stated that she wasn't. Mia said that she was "ushiro kara ni ban me," which translates roughly to; "second from the back." I was unable to understand because, in America, one would say; "second from the top or front."

So, why was I unable to understand? I think that it is because when Americans are lined up, the tallest is in front of the line, on down to the shortest. Whereas, in Japan, the shortest is lined-up first in line, on down to the tallest.

May 24, 1999 Monday

Okinawa used to be named Ryukyu. There are three main groups of Japanese; Ainu, Japanese from Korea and Ryukyu. This information needs editing.

The Kicchomu San Story from Kinomu Town (Cho). Witicism.

Long ago, a man from Oita Prefecture was pulling a horse with a heavy load. He decided that the horse's load was too heavy. So, he tied the load to his back. Then, he mounted the horse.


When walking past a grave in Japan, it is suggested that one clutch one's thumb with one's fingers. If not, it is bad luck for one's deceased parent.

It is lucky to see a Hurst.

If a frog goads, it is likely to rain.

If one dreams of a snake, the dream foretells good fortune.

What is a good friend?

A good friend is kind.

A good friend is a good listener.

A good friend is one who is honest.

A good friend is one with common interests.

Do you want to stop smoking? Here is some good news. Combine "Gyban" with a nicotine patch. Sixteen percent of the people who use nicotine patches alone stop smoking. Thirty percent of the people who use Gyban alone stop smoking. Thirty five percent of the people who use Gyban along with the nicotine patches stop smoking. Note: It usually takes a year for the process to work.

A Japanese Joke:

An inventor creates a new article. The inventor says that one will be able to see through walls. Another asks him what he is going to call it. The inventor replies; "A window".

May 26, 1999 Wednesday

Senbetsu is when a Japanese person gives some money to another person who is traveling abroad. In return, it is taken for granted that the traveler will have a better time while traveling and return with a gift.

May 31, 1999

A riddle as told by Takao Nakashima:

What has 18 legs and catches flies?

Answer: A baseball team.

A Japanese riddle:

Sora no ue ni nani ga arimasu ka?

Answer: Shi.

(This comes from the song, Do Re Mi.)

Do re mi fa so la ti do (English)

Do re mi fa so la SHI do (Japanese)

So, What is above "do"?

Answer: Shi. (Do you get the joke?)

Japanese Culture: Maneki-Neko is a cat with it's paw up in the air indicating; "Come on in! (Money, happiness) A Maneki-Neko is a Japanese lucky charm.

Reply to last Riddle by Keiko Ahner:

Riddle: What has 18 legs and catches flies?

Answer: Two male spiders. (Do you get the joke?)

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June 1, 1999 Tuesday

Wasei Eigo is Japanese meaning Japanese-English words.

June 2, 1999

Today, we talked about a new company outside of our classroom window. The name of the company is Fuji-Chitan. "Chitan" means Titanium in Japanese. It's used in golf clubs and cellular phones among other things. It's very strong and light in weight.

One student mentioned, while traveling in America, he noticed that Americans were a little loud with their voices while speaking in public. Also, the music in some restaurants were a little noisy for his taste.

June 4, 1999 Friday

One student was asked to be a Nakodo. (go between)

It was for an engagement ceremony in Sadowara Town.

She offered two sea breams as a gift. (Osu Mesu, male and female)

During the ceremony, the bride-to-be offered Sakura Cha (salted cherry blossom tea made with the petals of cherry blossom flowers) to the bridegroom.

Our student also prepared the Mokuroku. (list of engagement goods)

This engagement ceremony was a Gyakutama no Koshi. (Gyaku means backward, Gyakutama no Koshi means that the bridegroom married into a rich family, where as usually a bride-to-be marries into a rich family.)

All in all, it was an enjoyable experience for her and her husband.

June 7, 1999 Monday

We learned about Baiu and Tsuyu (the muggy season, humid season, wet-air season) again today.

My house is being attacked by subterranean termites (ei ari). We discussed various was to control them.

A Nori No Mia is a box on two long poles that was used for carrying "important" people a few hundred years ago.

We also discussed various ways to study English in one's spare time:

1. Memorize popular songs.

2. Watch English-speaking movies IN ENGLISH.

3. Read English newspapers and magazines.

4. Speak English to one's family members.

5. Read children's English books to one's children before bedtime.

6. Keep a diary.

7. Join Chat Rooms on the Internet.

June 11, 1999 Friday

One student went to a ballet performance at Heresutopia (Health Topia) over the weekend. She was very impressed with the performance of a hearing-impaired ballet dancer.

Another student has started to study "Taikyokken," a kind of Chinese aerobics. The reason for her interest in Taikyokken is that she has a pinched nerve located in her upper neck area.

In a different class, we learned about Mr. Kicchomu. Kicchomu was given some dango (mocchi on a stick) by his neighbor. Kicchomu placed the dango inside his vest. When he returned home, he decided to use the toilet. Some of the dango dropped into the toilet. He said: "OK, I'm finished." He then left the toilet room.

Also, Kicchomu was sitting underneath a persimmon tree. One of the ripe persimmons fell upon his head. He said: "Oh! My head is cracked!"

The Baby-Boom is referred to as "dankai no sedai" in Japan. Sedai means generation.

Joke: A man drives over the speed limit. A policeman pulls him over and says: "How are you?" The man says: "I'm fined." Joke by Takao Nakashima.









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For Hyuga Beaches! 100 Years of Nobeoka History English Classes in Idekita, Nobeoka Alumni  Harbor Drive-In Theatre  La Quinta High Varsity  I saw a UFO in Nobeoka!  Edward Russell Elementary School. 600 South Jackson St. Santa Ana, CA 92704 Alumni 8 th grade o.a. peters garden grove Terry Ott Gerald Hildebrant Velina Martinez Linda Young John Moreno JudithCrowe Art orozco William Mares harold parkison EmilyMoore Bill Brown Jeffery Liddicote Richard Menzies Harold Frydman Bunie Story Caroline Gravitt Diana Bird Cloice Grubbs Mary Carder David Guptill Mike McDaniels Sue Munn Jerry Van Otterloo Mike Shinn Howard Ahner Richard Bohnhoff Kathie Lowrance Barbara Duframe Danny Graham Ron Carter Linda Baca Vickie Davidson Ruth Jaques Melissa Williams Diana Wilson Bill Evens Carl Hefner Don Kolstad Wayne Battleson Dean West Helen Garcia Susan Fenton Steve Lowe Calos Hernandez Roger Takahashi Frances Soliven Ken Ward Greg Allen Tim Miller Bill Puchalski Dale Payne Randy Woodruff Dennis Paszternak Kenny Swift Ed Sheely Mike Hess Michael Salcido Charmaine Courdy Gregory Kyle Randy Slack Bruce Mendoza Lorraine Salcido Gail Snailum Gunner Swanson April Yanez Dixie Mohlman Buddy Pearce Sue Fenton Wayne Battleson Mike Hess Dixie Mohlman Kenny Swift Gary Rubenstein Robert J. Butchers Tim Miller Gunnor Swanson Frances Soliven Mr. Garwood Mr. Jones Mr. Gaynor Mr. Bacher Mrs. Haskins Halloween in Kawashima Nova Nobeoka Howard Ahner Ai Matsui Nobeoka Mai Miyuki Chi Chiyo Okubo Ms Asahikasei Nobeoka Yoshioka Minna Isshou Janai Nobeoka Sand Homeward Bound to Nobeoka Pinocchio Nobeoka Notes on Nobeoka and Japan Noboeka Nobeoka High School Nobetaka Nobeoka Gakuen  Seiun High School Ursula or Urusura is in Midorigaoka Sandra Archer Kougyo Shougyou Higashi High School closed Higashi Totoro Junior High School Asahigaoka RUBEN AMMERMAN Mimato Junior High School Roger Borland Minami Junior High School Midorigaoka Okatomi Junior High School Nobeoka library There is a Yougou Gakkou Sue Boland Nishishina Junior High School Robert Buda Nishida Yuko Yatai Sudo Ganko Honda Nobeoka Honda Dream Shigetoshi Ichimiya Marusei Bookstore Right On Peare Nobeoka Max Value Yamaha Nobeoka Hyuga City has pretty manholes Are you looking for an English teacher Sakurai Hayes Davis Nobeoka firework Honda Cub Steve Devey Keiko Ahner Debbi Dillon English at Peare and Midorigaoka Elementary Mike Kasa Steve Verzal Chuck Slusher This what I remember about arriving in Nobeoka the first time Mao Shimano Nobeoka Igai River Nishida Ikeda Sometimes I ride my Honda Cub through the mountains without wearing a helmet Some people might call me a lucky man Attention You are now entering civilization Put on your gas mask please Frank Furuya The Fire Dept Says No fires anywhere in Japan But it's really on a case by case basis I hope we don't have a fire in the Kami Igata neighborhood When are the economic conditions of Nobeoka going to improve How would you like to have smoke roll into your bedroom every morning and evening This is a wonderful statue in Kadogawa Bill Gerhard This statue is looking out over the Kadogawa Bay Who is he Osegawa Nobeoka Have you seen Stonehenge in Kami Igata She stole a kiss This is my trusty old Honda Cub I enjoy every hour I spend in Kitaura Nobeoka I once saw a figure of an owl on a house in Newport Beach So I wanted to display this one here Who's the leader of the band that's made for you and me Old Friends Ahner Hoshino Nobeoka Link Happier Days on Nagahama Beach Ishii Nobeoka Shouko Sensei of Kawaminami 2007 First Place Prize in Miyazaki Japan 2006 Nanami Yamada Denki Nobeoka Band Nobeoka Entertainment Seina A Sidewalk Cafe in Nobeoka Conducting in Nobeoka Kathy Grimm These shoes are made for walking out of Nobeoka Mark Abeyta There is confusion about what to do about the HIMA in Nobeoka The tides will soon be changing in Nobeoka for the better Manami Kai Around Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Owls and Nobeoka Someone in Nobeoka Howard Ahner Makes it Clear We should face our flag Click on my picture to see some lure fishing in Nobeoka com He's a friendly guy in Nobeoka Howard Ahner ed away from the smoke and smells of Kami Igata Cho Nobeoka Ask the English teacher to check your English sentences for mistakes Makiko Iki Two Nobeokers have their day in Miyazaki September 17 2006 Let's have a party at my house and speak English In Nobeoka Typhoon Shanshan An elementary school in Kitaura Machi Keiko's Exhibition in Nobeoka September 15 to the end of the month 2006 Let's go on a trip to Los Angeles together I could show you around Champion's Field Nobeoka and Future Workers of Nobeoka Jim Hobbs Let's Fight Nobeoka September 15 2006 For Onlookers Art Exhibition at Hanakokoro Gallery Nobeoka September 15 30 2006 Call 0982 37 0806 11 59 AM September 14 2006 Howard Ahner Nobeoka Picturing Nobeoka Nobeoka September 13 2006 by Howard Ahner A house that we rejected but it's just around the corner of our new house in Tsurugaoka Japan is Expanding Let's drive together We could drive around Kyushu and have some nice conversations 34 5666 It's time for another Joke Just help other people get the good feelings they want The first key to writing is not to think Write with your heart Editing comes later Let's go fishing together Paula Abeyta We could talk and fish fish and talk The secret to a woman's heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time Chie Kusano Bob Langsdorf There used to be a ie theatre across from the old Azumaya where Joyfull now exists in Nobeoka Kobato Starts Again in September 2006 You're hair is silver shiruba Let's go on a long bicycle ride Maki Kaneko We could communicate in English Let's go on an ocean cruise together We could have a wonderful time Close Encounters How would you like to receive my weekly E mail on Nobeoka Topics or E mail me Ahner Keiko Link Heisei Nyuuenshiki 2008 Kawaminami Link Kawashima Youchien Howard Ahner Howard Ahner Gokase River Eigo Nobeoka Ahner Eikaiwa George Stapchuk came to Nobeoka once upon a time Spoken English While Watching the Sun Set on the Gokase River in Nobeoka Steve Haines Fun at Igata Community Center Nobeoka Long Time Students of Nobeoka English Peare Adults Fun While Teaching English in Nobeoka Children have fun learning English in Nobeoka Mark Ludes He liked to drink coke and listen to the taiko drummers play and watch the Gokase River in Nobeoka Does anyone remember that suspension bridge off of the road to Takachiho It's gone Ahner Eikaiwa Ahner Nobeoka Norman Tamura Kuroki Brothers First in Nobeoka Chika Ayana and Manami Yanagita LQHS Gym Mahou No Te Nobeoka Hair Stylists At Okado Kouminkan Nobeoka Top three tennis players at La Quinta High School in Westminster California Mizuki Naomi and Mie  Kami Igata Kirei Nobeoka Keiko Ahner's Paintings 2006 Other Homepages Ahner 1989 Santa Kitaura Keiko Ahner Mentioned Kawashima Youchien Halloween Kami Igata Frosted Kami Igata Icicled Nobeoka Snowmen Alan Minamide Nobeoka Class Notes Kawashima Youchien Gifts Mike Spriggs Megane No Good in Minami Nobeoka Let's Walk Together and Speak English Maki Hisanaga Nobeoka Winters Nobeoka Reflections Nobeoka Landscape Nobeoka New Year Santa Plays Jazz Keiko Ahner Painter Hososhima Drive Chibi Soup Nobeoka Dental Puri Meron Gone Nobeoka Lights Around Nobeoka Peare Nobeoka La Quinta High Westminster California Howard Ahner DOB February 20 1952 Remember Sone of 2004 Nobeoka Skies Shaven Ahner Up With Nobeoka Sitting Snowman We Once Belonged Monday April 14 2008 7 30 9 00 pm English Class Monique Blais Jim Suzuki Number One at La Quinta High School Westminster California 1970 The Gates to Heaven My Class Ring Akemi Shigeno These are the good times We need to take better care of our earth Howard Ahner couldn't eat or drink for over three months Where can I find English classes in Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan What kind of English does Ken Eppelheimer Howard Ahner teach in Nobeoka City Japan Ursula Junior College in Nobeoka David Miner English Teacher Ursula Junior College Japan Let's Go on Tozan to Taisekiji Let's Chant Daimoku Eiko Dohi I'll see you on Sun Road Chiemi Kanai Nobeoka Some People I Know Happy New Year Party Kami Igata Videos Kami Igata Cho Can you eat Ayu Whitey Handled Ursula and Takoyaki Shop Midorigaoka Takoyaki and Chicken Pumpkin Nobeoka Fireworks A Walk in the Rain Nobeoka Quite Nightly Some Girls I Met Ganbaro Nobeoka Howard is Six Years Old To All My Friends Mahou No Te Hair Salon in Nobeoka Megane Good Nobeoka Minami The Okubo's of Kami Igata Cho Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan 2007 Ursula Junior College Mr Toda Once Prayed in This Direction Beneficial Medicine for All Ills Bestowal of the Mandala of the Mystic Law Russell Miura Bodhisattva Hachiman Clear Sake Gosho Consecrating an Image of Shakyamuni Buddha Made by Shijo Kingo Conversation between a Sage and an Unenlightened Man Conversation between a Sage and an enenlightened Man Curing Karmic Disease Earthly Desires Are Enlightenment Easy Delivery of a Fortune Child Encouragement to a Sick Person Ahner Eikaiwa Link JAPANESE BASEBALL STATIONARY MIYANICHI SHINBUN Beehives in Nobeoka Nobeoka Greenery March 29 2008 Sazanpia March 29 2008 Plastic Flowers in Nobeoka Howard Ahner 301 N Bewley Street Santa Ana California 92703 From 1958 to 2008 We Met Howard Ahner's Art Work Nobeoka Talk Nagahama Clubhouse Old Things Nobeoka Chatter Ahner Eikaiwa Nobeoka Let's drive safely in Nobeoka OK Maho No Te in Mike Ospring Nobeoka Sadowara Restaurant Erika Signs of Nobeoka surugaoka Kitchen Video Ichiro Tamura Sunrise in Nobeoka Tsurugaoka Rendition Improved Toilet Stapchuks Igai River Fishes Ayu Akemashite Takoyaki Nishishina Home Town with Sasaki Gokase River Film Meru Sasaki Coffee Shop Madoka Nasu Nobeoka Nobeoka Sunrise Sunrise in Tsurugaoka Seihou High Yatogi Falls Filmed Encounters Happenings NIPPONHAM NIPPON HAM YOMIURI GIANTS BEAMS SHIMBUN MIYANICHI MIYAZAKI NORHOME ACCORDIA GOLF LADIES SHIMBUN MIYANICHI MIYAZAKI Eikaiwa Link Study Japanese Here in Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan with Howard Ahner Poason Restaurant in Nobeoka Cool Wooden Horses in Nobeoka Miyazaki Kyushu Japan Rub the Tummy of Long Ear lobed Chubby Man in Nobeoka Miyazaki Kyushu Japan Pat Basham Ramen Gyoza Delivery Yamaha 50cc Bike in Nobeoka Miyazaki Kyushu Japan Maiko Tamura Two Monkeyed Manhole of Nobeoka City Japan Wanted Man in Nobeoka Japan Call the police if you see him Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and Execution Grounds in Nobeoka Miyazaki Kyushu Japan Charles Rhodes Kawashima Youchien Nobeoka March 16 2008 with Howard Ahner and Graduating Class English Teachers in Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan Lloyd and Floyd Ahner Study material for Gokasegawa Ahner Eikaiwa March 17 2008 at 7 30 pm in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Akiko Shimano Heisei Graduation March 15 2008 Whitey Ahner makes a Friend at Nagahama Beach in Nobeoka Howard Ahner Whistles in Japan April 18 19 and 20 Festival in Nobeoka Karuta Game in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Roger Rummelfanger Japan Akiko Kai Study Material for Ahner English School in Nobeoka for March 12 2008 Study Material Ahner Eikaiwa Nobeoka for March 11 2008 Study Material For Adults March 10 2008 Mukabaki Nobeoka Kitakata Nobeoka Tohmi Kawashima Kitaura Urashiro Kadogawa Alien in Kami Igata Nobeoka Idekita Nobeoka Miyazaki Ken Byouin Brass Band Members of the old Santa Ana Community Center of the early 1980' s from Nobeoka Nobeoka Letter to the Brothers Letter to Priest Nichiro in Prison Letter to Shomitsu bo Letter to Niike Letter to Myomitsu Shonin Letter to Nakaoki Nyudo Letter to Nichimyo Shonin Letter to the Priests of Seicho ji New Year's Gosho Dennis Rotondo No Safety in the Threefold World Setsuko Nagatomo On Attaining Buddha hood On Filial and Unfilial Conduct On Flowers and Seeds Tsutae Sakai Stan Petty On Itai Doshin Hiromitsu Shiba On Omens kyushu teraoka linkclub akm nobeoka Map of Nobeoka Marunouichi Nobeoka Matsuyama Cho Nobeoka memo lead lqhs MERIEGES NoBeOkA Minami Nobeoka miyazaki cci Photo Link Hinokage Clubhouse Only 900 000 Yen Ami Horinouchi Akio Ikeda Mikiko Aoyama Arisa Iwakiri This Old Turtle Tomomi Came Back to Watch the Heisei Undoukai She was a good student at Kobato Jidoukan Shibuya Okatomi Tennis Courts No Longer Exist Here's Proof that I once played wall tennis in Kami Igata Cho Nobeoka I once walked on these tennis courts in Rick Sappington Tohmi Nobeoka They belong to Asahi Kasei Wow I started working at Zaikouji Youchien in Hyuga in 1991 My High School Picture Senior Year 1970 La Quinta High Best Twins Japan Wildomar Buena Park Texas Pumpkin Party Saigo Nobeoka's Wedding 1990 Patrick Came to Nobeoka Matsuyama Cho Nobeoka English at the Community Center about 1993 Good Times with Izumi Downing Some Tall Ones with Jim and Bob Robert Suzuki California 1994 or so Jim Poundstone Top Right Man Craig Scoville La Quinta High Junior He Graduated Fort Gordon Military Police School 1973 Ocean Dome Miyazaki 1994 or So Kawaminami Library As Such 301 N Bewley Meeting A Kadogawa View Videos Made March 30 2008 Howard Ahner Jim Suzuki Took Me Golfing Again Nobeoka Armando Soria Hanami My Daughter's Second Day Alive This is the only public basketball court in the city of Nobeoka Close Friends The Link English and Japanese Readings on the Internet Learn to speak English or Japanese For Free Aeon Jusco Point Card Lounge in Nobeoka 2008 The Ahner Garden in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Keiko Ahner is preparing for another show in Miyazaki Jim Seifert February 2008 How can you keep the birds from dropping on the art outside of your building Goto Satou Santachi Party February 3 2008 in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Howard Ahner's Art drawn in the Nobeoka Miyazaki Kenritsu Hospital December 2007 Asami Mochizuki The Ruts of Nagahama Nobeoka Prevent Sea Turtles From Reaching the Shoreline Howard Ahner Goes Home From His Four Month Stay in the Hospital on January 25 2008 Friday Howard Ahner's Four Month Stay in the Hospital A Foreigner Stays Four Months in a Japanese Hospital Japanese Nurses Help a Foreigner Recover in the Hospital Howard Ahner loses the pounds in the hospital Brian Seleno Father In Law Hikari Jidoukan Videos late 2007 Click on the pictures to see the videos Nobeoka Off of Jusco Roof Heisei Youchien Sept 25 2007 Last Southern Sazanpia English Classes late 2007 City Link Contact Howard Ahner Super Smoke Hey Kerry Dunne Tenkin Ururun Hey George Newport Beach Bikes Other Pages Peaceful Days Typhoon Nabi and Rice Come on in Asano Kai Undoukai Torisen Party September 2005 Nobeoka Scenes Nishishina Walk Fishermen Merle Kutsunai Driving Mia's Drawing Mahou No Te of Nobeoka Hair Salon Megane No Good of Minami Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan Run by Yuki Sasaki Nao and Rina Chie and Shibuya New California Trucks Bewley Street in Santa Ana California Wendy's in Garden Grove California Our Friend's Baby Heisei 2005 Koji Tanaka Yuuna Mai Kouta Ayumi Glenn Vanwalraven KOBATO Mami and Yuiri First Peare Ayumi Kousuke Kota Ami Eigo Nobeoka Clicks Howard Ahner Says Yahoo Clo and Eleanor Mia Enters Pre School Asana Kai Fritz Ahner Always By Our Side Wildomar Ahner's Home Lanai Alumni 301 N Bewley St Chris Ed Jennifer and Clo Ahner California and Texas Akira Shigemura and Eleanor Ahner Clifford Blaine Ahner and Eleanor Akie Tamura Ahner Ed Eleanor Ed Ed and Chester Ahner Clifford Blaine Ahner's Cousin Granite City Ellen Watanabe Ed Eleanor Howard Illinois 1956 June Chartrand Granite City Illinois about 1955 Ed Ahner and Sailor Cap Tricycle Playing in Granite City Christopher Jennifer Clarice and Ed Ahner Bewley Street Kitchen Santa Ana California with Peter Yattaw Howard and Eleanor Ahner Thelma Tsurue Kutsunai Eleanor Akie Ahner's Sister Jenn Aaron Kayako Bobbi in Nobeoka Japan Past Events Others Links Howard Ahner's Art Work Eleanor Akie Ahner Keiko Ahner's Art Show in Santa Ana California Heather Saltzman as an Infant The Last Detail at 301 N Bewley St Santa Ana California 92703 Nobeoka Slice of Life Earthly Desires Are Enlightenment in Nobeoka Japan The Unity of Husband and Wife in Nobeoka Japan The Real Aspect of the Gohonzon in Nobeoka Japan The Problem to Be Pondered Nig ht and Day in Nobeoka Japan On Filial and unfilial Conduct in Nobeoka Japan On Attaining Buddahood Reaching Out to the California Shoreline Pete Oliver From Nobeoka Japan Howard Hoofs it in Nobeoka Nobeoka Champions Miruku Houikuen in Nobeoka Miyazaki English Nobeoka Smiles Ami Totoro Band Whitey Digs It Whitey and Totoro Beach are are a good match The Smoking Back roads of Nobeoka Miyazaki Enter Kami Igata At Your Own Risk in Nobeoka Miyazaki Display your art on the second floor of the Nobeoka Library Culture Plaza Whitey Walks in Kami Igata on the Igai River Some boys carved this It's located under the Igata Minamai Nobeoka Bypass bridge Garbage Trucks and the workers of Nobeoka The Old Kadogawa Big Bang Location What is the best looking house that you have seen in Miyazaki Miina and Yuina Miruku Houikuen Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Did Mr Shigetooshi Ichimiya wrote about the History of Nobeoka How beautiful is the Nobeoka coastline What's it like to drive on the Nobeoka Line Megane No Good Eyewear in Nobeoka Where can I see some more of Keiko Ahner's paintings Heisei Youchien Kawaminami Mia and Dad near Kijou Miyazaki Where is that girl that is holding a large fish hat does the vegetation look like in the Fuji area in December Fort Richardson MP's Military Policeman Howard Ahner 1973 Have you ever seen Fuji Mountain up close Where are my ears Heisei Undoukai in Kawaminami Cho Miyazaki Ken Japan What does Whitey enjoy most on the beach Nobeoka Nobeoka Nobeoka Nobeoka Kitaura Nobeoka Nice Students First Class with Howard Ahner Howard Ahner's Home Town Hikari Group Bamba Taiko Nobeoka Kitaura Jidoukan Bamba Odori 2006 Howard Ahner Paint Whitey Beach Ahner An Elephant Swims Jinbei English Links New Friends 1993 Heisei Youchien Yuki Sawada Undoukai Rehearsal There's Rika Sensei and Rie Sensei the early 90's Yuuya's Hands Strong Little Chairs Shoe Rack Megumi Sensei Shoko Sensei SLIME Nanako Tadpoles Ms Manaka Takase Megumi Sensei Miki 2006 Graduates Bowing Seina Stilts Saeri Shoko Sensei Working Rehearsal Terumasa Reina Flowers School is Out Last Hurah Howard and Megumi Sensei Nao and Rina Heisei Gathering Saeri and Momoka Shibuya All Heisei Heisei Crowd Nobeoka Dreaming English Classes Pamela Kutsunai Nagahama Surfers in Nobeoka April 8 2007 Ahner Eikaiwa More Nagahama Surfers Even More Nagahama Surfers Midorigaoka Nagahama Beaches and Surfing in Nobeoka Nobeoka English Teacher Ahner Keiko Paints Painted by Keiko Ahner Keiko's Blue English Speaking Man in Nobeoka Blue Yellow Keiko Ahner Keiko Ahner's Life White Stuff in Nobeoka Ed and Clo's Igata Sho Nobeoka Kadogawa Bridge Statue Saigo Takamori Nobeoka I've seen fire and I've seen rain Saigo Points Takamori How to get around Saigo Takamori Was Stoned Nobehood Our Parks in Nobeoka Hitotsugaoka Park How big was this snake Going into the pits At least we can make our shadow Oceanside Near Kitaura Miyazaki Nobeoka Military Police Man Nobeoka English Sazanpia Nobeoka Study English with Howard Ahner Nobeoka Reading Metal Detecting in Nobeoka Ayu in Nobeoka Californians in Nobeoka Popping Pods of Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Toshio Ishii Yellow Ball TAKANABE MUSEUM Sunrise in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Gokase River Talk Nobeoka Shadow Man Sunrise Over Nagahama Nobeoka Whitey Ahner Almost Died Best Train Station in Nobeoka Best Yatogi Falls in Kawaminami Miyazaki Ken Japan An English Teacher in Kadogawa Has a New Look Palm Tree Study English in Nobeoka Teaching English in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Japan Nobeoka Shoreline Sazanpia Nobeoka Nobeoka Kids English Pronunciation Hososhima Drive Mieko's Jokes The Best Junk Mimitsu Burritos Retirement Nobeoka Cigs Coin Laundry Mirror Guy Nobeoka Friendship English Classes English Classes 3D three dimension Loc Town Hyuga AI Denka Harada Toshiba Kadogawa AUTOWERKSTATT KUBO Kadogawa Baskin 31 Robbins Loc Town Hyuga Chirochiro Kadogawa Friends Nagahama Stroll We had some good times at Pian Piano The service was designed to be slow I think I was a gate guard at Fort Richardson Alaska in 1973 One of our squad offered me a cigar I went to Hiroshima for a few days George Stapchuk Jr showed me around We almost bought this house It's made of concrete with iron reinforced walls Actually there is a slim possibility that we may still buy this house The taxes are about $1600  Hiottoko Fire Men used bamboo poles to blow on their fires At Kobato Nursery School only the students that want to study English are allowed to join my class The girl with the long hair cut her hair a few weeks back She soon started to grow it back The next big typhoon might wipe Nobeoka off the map I am continuing to collect jokes from some of my students The whole experience of going on Tozan was as usual a joyous experience I tried to give them some ideas on Halloween but I fear that they will not stick Here are some notes that I took from my English classes Everyone chipped in to make this year's event really something I enjoyed every aspect of it Their memories of this event will probably remain with them for their entire lifetimes There are so many activities going on at Kobato Jidoukan on any given day of the week Well they are learning something at Kobato Jidoukan in Nobeoka City We were married July 15th 1990 We're still getting to know each other at Igata Community Center You can come to my house in Kami Igata on Wednesday nights if you want to study English I wonder how Miku is these days Yes I've seen the Muffin Man the Muffin Man the Muffin Man And I wonder how Yurina and Chika are these days Those were good times on top of Shiroyama mountain with the Asahi Kasei guys The Brass Band Nobeoka Westward and Southwestward children Learn English Watts Going On Keiko Ahner's Best Peanuts According to Howard Keiko Ahner's New Art September 2007 Rain Taste in Nobeoka September 4 2007 Shiggy's Painted by Keiko Ahner Not As Confused China Town Nobeoka Nagahama Jungle in Nobeoka Beach Nagahama Pounce On Nagahama Drawings Breaking News Videos Nagahama Beach Nobeoka Nobeoka Moons More and More Nagahama Beach in Nobeoka Clean Nagahama Beach Nobeoka American Influence on Nobeoka Frequent Memories Nobeoka English English Classes You better watch out There's a bad boy coming through Nobeoka Japan US Constitution Let's Be Careful With Fire He Can Pose Can't He 301 N Bewley St Santa Ana California August 13 2007 Some topics for discussions for Monday August 13 2007 Ahner Eikaiwa Nobeoka August 1st 2007 Study Material Nobeoka Eikaiwa Cannibal Man Eater Savage Joke by Nakashima Takao We should not be afraid of our government our government should be afraid of us Only when all who surround you are different will you truly belong If you are obvious your chances of being eaten increase Build it and they will come Post it and they will build it I say Daihatsu Provide Comfort For Others Free Bench Access to an Air Pump an Umbrella a Hat some Books Water Forward Nobeoka Nice Students First Class English Artist in Nobeoka Classic English in Nobeoka June Chartrand Drawn to Nobeoka Planning Resides in US Let's Not Waste Resources Skeptics Can Be Deadly Arlen Kutsunai To You Paranormal Life in Japan Word Definitions Change on an International Basis Old Yamashita Douri Nobeoka How to Survive ikinuku Natsubate Typhoon GoGo August 2 2007 Joanne Tamura Nobeoka The First Cut is the Deepest Remember the Sunrise Out of My Window Well Here's a Typhoon Out of My Window Baker Street Friends What Communication Should Be The people of Kami Igata grow up The Changing Faces of Howard Ahner in Nobeoka Meeting My Students Around Town Brother in law The Group on Atago Yama Home Again Home Again Greetings at Hitotsugaoka Festival If I Ever Need a Hair Cut Once Upon a Time in Igata Pink Petals Falling Into Our Teacups Gather Round Mates Gather Round Students Excel in Other Areas Ai of Igata Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes Always High in Spirits Baby is Pawed by a Monkey Grandfather and Granddaughter A Good Swimmer She kind of recognized me at McDonald's Keiko Art The Old Animal Collection House Nobeoka Nobeoka Nobeoka Howard the gardener and skateboarder a long time ago Richard and Greg Ed and Clo's Arbor Camping with Richard More Ahner's Ed's Cars and Garage Baby Mia Norman Tamura Using Spark Plugs as Weights on the Beach in Southern California Miyazaki Speech Contest Winners 2008 Howard Ahner at 19 years old Eikaiwa in Nobeoka Kawashima Youchien in Kawashima Town Nobeoka Has the Best Kids in Town The Ogura Restaurant in Idekita Town Nobeoka is the best restaurant in Nobeoka City Curing Karmic Disease Establishment of the Legitimate Teaching for the Protection of the Country General Stone Tiger Good Fortune in This Life Great Evil and Great Good Happiness In This World Hell is the Land of Tranquil Light Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life Link Hyuga City Kadogawa Back Bay Fishing in Kadogawa Kadogawa Beach Hidden Behind the Culture Center Let's Swim Out to Otojima Island from North Kadogawa Which island is it anyway I live in Nobeoka Industry can work with the people to clean up unwanted waste and make our water and air clean Welcome to shinny new Nobeoka Tim Tamura Howard Ahner's Clubhouse Hososhima Port Factory Rust in Hyuga Hososhima Area Discarded Boat in Kadogawa Kadogawa Inlet April Videos of Hyuga and Nobeoka from Howard Ahner Wednesday Class Material April 9 2008 I shall be very very puzzled Good Stuff aSaHi kAsEi NoBeOkA Marie Pasokon and Music in Nobeoka Nobeoka Park Cherry Blossoms are in Full Bloom April 3 2008 Gasoline Stand Nobeoka Seminar Plaza Nobeoka New Ose River Bridge in Nobeoka Flow Nobeoka Snack Especially Mansion in Nobeoka Green Snack or Green Bar in Nobeoka Cocoretta Nobeoka Nobeoka Fruit Stand Nobeoka Business Ho Manju in Nobeoka Ramen in Nobeoka Howard Ahner's English Classes Torinoza Nobeoka UFO Nobeoka    Big Mart Music Store in Nobeoka near Enomoto Apartments and Bronze Snack Nobeoka KuruKuru Nobeoka Enomoto House Apartments Mansions ETC in Nobeoka Jusco Front Door Nobeoka JA Nobeoka Japan Agriculture Nobeoka Maybe Bun in Nobeoka Biliopancreatic Diversion A PRICE Nobeoka Miyazaki Bank in Nobeoka Keiko Ahner March 2008 OM Solar House in Nobeoka Yamaguchi Mineral Water in Nobeoka Wai Wai evision TNN Nobeoka Asahi Kasei Nobeoka Takachiho Nishishina Nobeoka Mukabaki Miyazaki Ken Kadogawa Idekita Nobeoka Hyuga Hyuga Shi Hyuga City Nobeoka Companies Nobeoka Link Dear English Lessons in Nobeoka English Conversation Nobeoka News Angelfire Homepages Some Atsuro Hagihara Links All of My Videos ies Friends We're h ng fun as usual at Peare Nobeoka August Keiko Ahner Here's some work that Keiko Ahner did in Chuck Delrio Wildomar California in March and April 2006 Our Precious Daughter Daughter and Father Fractus News House Painting Ketchup Blue Sky Recent Stuff Keiko Ahner November 2005 Nobeoka Japan 1 Keiko Ahner November 2005 Nobeoka Japan Watashi No Kokoro Ni Hairemasu Ka Enzo Painted Forest Culture Plaza 2nd Floor Nobeoka Free Space Pizza Squares You're Leaning Papillion Freeze Bus Noriba Dance With Nobeoka Shiroari Painted Howard English English Classes in Nobeoka Friends Miracle on Nobeoka Street White House in Nobeoka Mimitsu Nobeoka Sunshine Paradise Miyazaki I heard that Nobeoka is ing south Show me a Mikoshi How is everyone at Bronze Nobeoka How are Japanese homes built How do some Japanese scare away crows I was in the Army at Fort Ord California in 1972 How about you We're all rusty at one time or another How should we practice Will you ever ship out of Nobeoka This way men Where have I heard that before Are you sure this is a love ho Russell Elementary Santa Ana Armando Soria This building was torn down in 2005 Are you kidding Somehow my memory is a little clouded Is this really a chapel Let's Smoke 'Em Someone is not civic minded Who could put up with this much longer Heavy smokers of Nobeoka He doesn't know it yet but he has magical hands Hot Baskets Meet my stinking neighbors These people are extraordinary Whitey likes sugarcane satoukibi Kawaminami Father Toyota Corona Miruku Houikuen Sisters Detecting Study English in Nobeoka Panoramic Study English in Nobeoka A Rainy Nobeoka Study English in Nobeoka Peare 9 30 AM Saturday 9 30 AM Yellow Ball Study English in Nobeoka Nobeoka Land Study English in Nobeoka On Seiun Bridge A Beautiful Part of Nobeoka Rest Stop Whitey Nears Pristine Wall in Nobeoka Serufu Sabisu Gion Town Nobeoka Nobeoker Gardener Hoodwinked in Nobeoka Whitey looks in Whitey is headed south Wanda Coe I got my first peek at a skyline I got my health checked When does Kadogawa Library open Where can I view some useless wood English Teachers in Nobeoka ETN Teachers in Nobeoka School Teachers Wanted Nobeoka Japan Classroom English Teachers in Nobeoka Japan Assistant Language Teachers ALT Nobeoka Megane No Good Tohmi Minami Nobeoka Nobeoka Kobato After School Dennis Freyer Darlene King Alan Vancampen was our RSG leader in the late 1970 at Santa Ana HQ Howard Ahner is in Japan Alicia la treated everyone with respect at La Quinta High Westminster Allen Graham played trumpet in the brass band at santa ana headquarters with Howard Ahner Blaine Calder was home run king for Little League Santa Ana California at Calva Dairy Candi Brennan went to all the basketball games La Quinta High Westminster Fred Soria Carolyn Clark was a member of my church on New hope Street in Santa Ana once upon a time Charmaine Courdy sat next to me in Robert Brandt' English class as a sophomores at La Quinta High Darlene King was my business machine sales instructor at Canon USA Santa Ana Dennis Freyer LAHR Basketball Team Guard and he was nice to everyone New English Classes in Nobeoka Remember Me You're Drafted Buddy Kitakata Howard Ahner 1972 Hikari Jidoukan Kitaura Nobeoka Kawashima 2006 Undoukai Nobeoka Sports Festival My Way to Oita Howard Ahner The fire departments of Nobeoka are standing and ready Tea Ceremony Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Mahou No Te Nobeoka Hair Design Keiko Ahner' Peanuts October 3 2006 Max Tozan September 29 and 30 2006 Departure Tozan September 29 and 30 2006 ARRIVAL at Taisekiji Tozan September 29 and 30 2006 Going to see the Dai Gohonzon Tozan September 29 and 30 2006 Going Home Tohmi Nobeoka Sunset September 28 2006 We lived in Kami Igata for over 12 years Keiko Ahner' Recent September 28 2006 Nobeoka More Envelopes Please This is our house now Often Smoked Out in Kami Igata Cho Kitaura Nobeoka Heisei Now Kawaminami Bunka Nobeoka The Nobeoka Ocean Cleans Tsurugaoka Sunset June 10 2007 Throw My Ticket in The Nobeoka Wind Cute Nobeoka Beach Nagahama With Shadows Kitakata Howard Ahner' Art Work Letter to Misawa Alan Minamide borrowed my helmet La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Gail Snailum O A Peters classmate of mine La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Fred Soria Good Friend of Mine La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Ed Kociela did the school newspaper La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Dixie Woodman O A Peters classmate with Mr Bawker La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Deborah Pekala Carole Jackson Brian Seleno JV Basketball La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Bob Langsdorf left fielder La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class New English Classes in Nobeoka Opened Study English With Howard Ahner in Nobeoka Keiko Ahner' Art Aya Kurogi March 28 2008 Flowers in Nobeoka March 28 2008 King Kong Oranges in Nobeoka Nobeoka Trees Still Farming After All These Years Howard Ahner March 28 2008 Nobeoka Signs Nice Place to Come Home To Trash Man's House Drive South Through Nobeoka Peek A Boo by Howard Ahner Howard Ahner Slimmed Up Maybe some of you will notice the changes in Nobeoka Last Sazanpia Class on March 22 2008 Individualists in Japan Subtle Japanese Performance Pure Japanese Band Disneyland Wana Goers Finale Mission Impossible Jazzy Finale Mission Impossible in Japan Study material for Ahner Eikaiwa in Nobeoka for March 22 2008 at Joyfull Restaurant in Hyuga Japan How will we remember all of their names Ed and Clarice Ahner Taught English at Midorigaoka Elementary in Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan in 3 2008 We are all the same in Nobeoka Where is my edge in Nobeoka How could it not be the same for all of us in Nobeoka Japan There is always someone who will give a shit So we are what we see Maybe I should ignore everyone People are Dying Once in a while Meeting more and more people in Nobeoka is fine Stir up the mix in Nobeoka Japan There is a natural flow of ideas and thoughts in Nobeoka Japan We are concerned about content in Nobeoka Japan We want to appreciate our own work in Nobeoka Japan She is not a very good stalker in Nobeoka Japan Hara Odori haraodori  Nagahama Beach in Nobeoka on March 19 2008 a rainy day Tim Andrews Westminster California Fred Soria of Westminster California La Quinta Aztecs 1970 On Persecutions Befalling the Buddha On the Treasure Tower Questions and Answers on Embracing the Lotus Sutra Repaying Debts of Gratitude Reply to Jibu bo Reply to Lord Matsuno Reply to Takahashi Nyudo New English Classes in Midorigaoka Nobeoka Heisei Nyuuenshiki Speech April 11 2008 New Mukabaki English Classes Offered Tsuno Things by Howard Ahner Tsuno Things by Howard Ahner II Looking For an America in Nobeoka Japan by Howard Ahner Igata Cho in Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan by Howard Ahner English Japanese and English by Howard Ahner English Teacher in Nobeoka Katsu Kare and Mini Udon in Hyuga Where the First Emperor of Japan Departed to Kyoto by Howard Tsuno is Substantial by Howard Ahner Nobeoka English Teacher First Emperor Departed From Here to Kyoto a Long Time Ago they say anyway Bambi Nobeoka Nobeoka Police Box Being Eliminated by Howard Ahner  Daiei Nobeoka Being Eliminated by Howard Ahner  Bronze Nobeoka Snack March 2 2008 by Howard Ahner  Nishishina Tennis Courts Missed Action by Howard Ahner Nobeoka Golden Games by Howard Ahner Funniest Home Videos Higashi High School in Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Kangou Gakkou of Nobeoka School for Nurses Torn Down by Howard Ahner Nobeoka Jail by Howard Ahner Onuki Town Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Police Station in Nobeoka Torn Down by Howrad Ahner Yukan Daily of Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Nishishina Tennis in Nobeoka March 2 2008 by Howard Ahner Nobeoka Fishing by Howard Ahner Nobeoka Sunrise Japan by Howard Ahner English Teacher in Nobeoka Mejiro White Eyed Birds in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Miyazaki Filmed by Howard Ahner Feb 20 2008 Nagahama Clubhouse Nobeoka Burned Down February 2008 by Howard Ahner Route Ten Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan by Howard Ahner Mejiro in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka by Howard Ahner The Faces of Howard Ahner in Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan February 2008 Totoro Kitaura Nobeoka Bus Stop by Howard Ahner Teaching English in Japan Using Pictures by Howard Ahner Free Hikari Jidoukan February 2008 by Howard Ahner A Tunnel in Kitaura Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Kitaura Nobeoka Smoke by Howard Ahner A New Road in Kitaura Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Whitey Ahner Likes to Hug by Howard Ahner Teaching in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Using Pictures and Video by Howard Ahner Hikari Kitaura Drive Nobeoka by Howard Ahner It's the Dry season in Kitaura Nobeoka during February by Howard Ahner Fun Things To Do Nobeoka by Howard Ahner How Those Initially Aspiring to the Way Can Attain Buddhahood Through the Lotus Sutra Jozo and Jogen King Rinda Lessening the Karmic Retribution Letter from Echi Letter from Sado Letter of Petition from Yorimoto Some of my favorites by Howard Ahner Some of my favorites 2 by Howard Ahner Some of my favorites 3 by Howard Ahner Call me for information on my new English class in Nobeoka Monday 5 00 pm My Home For Children 6 to 11 years 1 26 11 Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Monday 7 30 pm My Home For Adults 1 26 11 Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Tuesday 9 30 am Kawaminami Cho Heisei Youchien Wednesday 4 30 pm My Home For Children 3 7 years 1 26 11 Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Wednesday 5 30 pm My Home For Children 1 26 11 Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Wednesday 8 30 pm My Home For Adults 1 26 11 Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Thursday 10 00 am Zaikouji Youchien Hyuga Thursday 3 30 pm Hikari Jidoukan Kitaura Thursday 6 00 pm Sazanpia For Children 10 15 years Minami Nobeoka Thursday 7 30 pm Aya Matsuo My Home For Children 12 to 15 years 1 26 11 Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Thursday 8 00 pm My Home For High School 1 26 11 Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Friday 4 00 pm Kobato Jidoukan Nobeoka Friday 5 00 pm My Home For Jr High 12 16 years 1 26 11 Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Friday 6 30 pm My Home For Children 6 12 years 1 26 11 Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Friday 7 30 pm My Home For Junior High Level 1 26 11 Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Saturday 9 30 pm Sazanpia Minami Nobeoka For Children 5 to 12 years old Saturday 10 40 am Sazanpia Minami Nobeoka For Children 9 15 years old Saturday 1 30 pm Joyfuoll Restaurant Hyuga For Adults Advanced Saturday 2 30 pm Joyfull Restaurant Hyuga For Adults Beginners Fuso Bus in Totoro Nobeoka Junk Yard Japan Asahigaoka Park and Ocean View Japanese Submarine Hideout in Taina Cho Nobeoka  Class Happier Days on Nagahama Beach Nobeoka What did Howard Ahner look like when he arrived in Nobeoka in 1989 Howard Ahner DOB February 20 1952 Remember Sone of 2004 Nobeoka Skies Shaven Ahner Up With Nobeoka Sitting Snowman We Once Belonged Study English Nobeoka How MUCH English they know in Nobeoka High School Age English Class in Nobeoka Nobeoka Classroom Children of Matsuyama Cho The Early Days in Nobeoka In the California Desert Colorful T shirts in Nobeoka Wakahage of Nobeoka Study Japanese Here in Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan with Howard Ahner Nobeoka Nice Students First Class English Artist in Nobeoka Classic English in Nobeoka June Chartrand Crane in Totoro or Taina Cho Nobeoka VIDEO Taina Lemonade Stand is Closed Buddhism in Kadogawa Construction Work at the Ahner House in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka March 31 2008 Here are some videos I made on March 30 2008 Howard Ahner Nobeoka Flowers March 28 2008 Our Address My Bike Whitey Ahner at the River in Kitaura Nobeoka Kachina Doll in Nobeoka They're Selling The Lot Next to Our House No More Parking Sorry James Dean Nobeoka The Medaka I Caught in the Igai River in Kami Igata are Still Living March 26 2008 Get Off at Nobeoka Station Whitey Ahner is Afraid of the Water Keep Nobeoka Clean Keiko Ahner Contest Winner Godzilla Emerges in Nobeoka Keiko Ahner Bought a Statue Nobeoka Pumpkin Seeds Idekita Bike Ride Around Nobeoka Idekita Bike Ride Around Nobeoka 2 2008 March Come Speak English With Us Fort Ord Rifle Range Norman Tamura Took Us Hunting Yama Roku Sun Road Nobeoka Ichimiya Climbing Wall Kami Igata Does it ever snow in Nobeoka Where can one play basketball in Nobeoka Is Kimio Yanagita a good artist What did Howard Ahner look like when he was nineteen years old Kurashiki Okayama Links Prospering Owl Makers in Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan My Favorite Chicken in Midorigaoka Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan More Wood Detecting in Nobeoka Japan by Howard Ahner Roots of Good Fortune New English classes in Kawashima Cho Nobeoka Mahou No Te Kimio Yanagita Kami Igata Reina Santa Ana California La Quinta High School Westminster California Specialist 4 Howard Ahner Keiko Ahner wins again in Nobeoka July 2006 On Itai Doshin Olive House Nobeoka 2006 Now this is the way to deal with Burnable Trash Moeru Gomi I used to work at Mirai Juku Nobeoka Megane no Good Nobeoka 2006 Upcoming Events at Bunka Center Nobeoka From July 1 thru July 30 2006 A portrait of Howard Ahner by Zaikouji Youchien students of Hyuga Miyazaki Japan July 6 2006 Soccer Players on the Nagahama Beach Nobeoka On Flowers and Seeds On the Treasure Tower On Filial and Unfilial Conduct Postscript to the Rissho Ankoku Ron Reply to a Believer Reply to Jibu bo Reply to Ko Nyudo Reply to Kyo o Reply to Lady Onichi nyo Reply to Lord Matsuno Alumni Nobeoka New English Classes in Nobeoka LIBRE KITCHEN Hosei No Mise Poketto Nobeoka Mr Salesman in Nobeoka Talks About Sales Truth English Lesson Click on Pictures to See Videos June 8 2007 Aya Kikuchi Nobeoka Marks in Time Reply to Lord Shijo Kingo Okubo Flowers Nobeoka April 20 2006 Flower Howard Nobeoka A Happy Angel Always With You by Keiko Ahner Miyamar California 2006  Koi No Bori Festival Kitaura by Mari Sasaki Tea Picking has begun with their special machines in Kitaura Tadpole Picking in Kawaminami Cho Miyazaki Ken April 18 2006 Waves by Nobeoka Nagahama View Take Your Pick Midorigaoka Nobeoka Out of Nagahama Nobeoka Nagahama Beach Nobeoka on a cloudy day April 15 2006 Midorigaoka Trees Nobeoka Nagahama Misty Nobeoka A woman went to a doctor to see about her heart He asked her How old are you She replied We Mr Kanemoto of the Hanshin Tigers made a new record He played in 904 consecutive games It's a Kenji Joujima is the 1st Japanese catcher to play for the major leagues He plays for the Mariners New North Miyazaki Karuta Cards by Shigetoshi Ichimiya How do you know what Town you are in in Nobeoka Igata Sunset April 2006 Nobeoka Man JAGA UMK Nobeoka JR MIYAZAKI 0985 27 8101 BONBELTA YAMAKATAYA MIYAZAKI CATV in Nobeoka THE MIYANICHI BONBELTA TACHIBANA MINAMI P UMEDA GAKUEN DMAT Drug Store in Nobeoka GAKUBUN USAMI GAS GASOLINE NOBEOKA SHIOHAMA Okamura Hospital MIYAZAKI TOYOPET MARKXZIO MIYANICHI SHINBUN SHIMBUN MIYANICHI MIYAZAKI TOYOPET Suzuki Nobeoka WE LOVE EN CHEZ ONJI KITCHEN A PRICE Nobeoka THE MIYANICHI CO JUSco KENYUKAN CO For Nobeoka GAKU For Nobeokers HUMAN MIND COMPANY MIYAZAKI is for Tsunetomi Junior High in Nobeoka New English Classes in Idekita Nobeoka New Nagahama Cho Nobeoka English classes The Last Show September 20th 2007 Mimitsu Shoreline Kobato Champs September 2007 Hikari September 2007 Picture Links Kid's English Class Zaikouji Champs September 13 2007 Shadows Nobeokan Whitey Wants It's OK to use the phone in police boxes Come and Study English With US Bush Tradition Mimitsu Miyazaki Rest Stop Heisei Kawaminami Kawashima Keiko Ahner's Latest September 2007 Hyuga Miyazaki Beach Surfing Nobeoka Japanese English Readings Click on the Pictures to Watch and Listen Higher Nobeoka The Champions of Zaikouji Southwestern Nobeoka Twilight Tosan 2007 Ahner Eikaiwa Ahner Eikaiwa News Japanese Trees Nobeoka Miyazaki Park Link to Nobeoka English Old Ahner Eikaiwa Tatsuta Nobeoka Did you know that Nobeoka High School went to Koshien about 40 years ago Chin Chiku Rin Nobeoka Nobeoka Electricity Mama Mode Nobeoka Nobeoka Walk Over Bridge Koike Clinic Nobeoka This Nobeoka House Was Too Expensive Nobeoka Rust Mada Nobeoka Around a house in Totoro Nobeoka Kitaura Kicks Hit The Nail On The Head in Nobeoka Heisei Slime Yasuko's Houses in Mimitsu Cho Miyazaki Japan Gasoline Stand in Kadogawa on the Block Hitotsugaoka Clinic It can't be helped doushou mo nai Trusty Old Nobeoka Sign Still Lowered in Hososhima Let's Link to Nobeoka City Here are some Kawaminami Links Links to Education in Nobeoka Nobeoka City Games Nobeoka City Windows Mimitsu Send Off by Howard Ahner English Classes with Howard Ahner Maps Shanghai Keiko Ahner Reply to Lord Shijo Kingo Hitotsugaoka Band Nobeokers 2005 Totoro Band Ichimiya's Fireworks Nobeoka Gun Hunting Prohibited BTTF The Shoes Papillion Books on Whales BigBang No More Out of Step Nobeoka Music House Hyuga Festival Keiko Ahner's Curls Igata Kouminkan Nobeoka English Kami Igata Neighborhood Youth Azumaya Bokusui Nobetaka Eikaiwa Nobeoka Glenn Vanwalraven Trumpeter La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Gokase English Teacher Harvey Mata played little league with me on the Giants team La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Heisei Hideji Beer Joan Weigel Cheerful La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Jisatsu Nobeoka Jim Selby Little League and Varsity Basketball La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Jim Hobbs La Quinta Westminster 1970 Jessie Sanchez typing class La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Igada Hyuga Sun Park Gotoh Goto Kikuchi New English Teacher in Nobeoka New Nobeoka Eikaiwa Class in Nobeoka Bench Park Japan NOBEOKA On The Rocks in Miyazaki Prefecture Japan by Howard Ahner Keiko Nobeoka O Nobeoka Route Ten Enduro Where is Kido Animal Clinic located Does Nobeoka City have a logo Can you make out this new face in Kami Igata Machi Nobeoka I can't quite make out what Colormony means Fireworks are on display every day in Kami Igata Machi Nobeoka Mia painted a spaceman The old Chalon Restaurant changed into a Rotary Sushi Restaurant in Nobeoka They're still happy in the valley When I get older will you still need me Will you still feed me when I'm 64 This place in Kadogawa is up for grabs for sale It's just a little over $800 000 This gasoline stand in Kitagawa is on the block for just over seven teen thousand dollars 7 11 kaDOgaWa Keiko Ahner Le ng Miyazaki Museum Nobeoka Weather Nobeoka Future Nobeoka Fields of Dreams Sourthern Nobeoka Condo Nobeoka Nobeoka Reborn Hyuga Neighborhoods North to South Nobeoka Nobeoka Bats Huntington Beach Around Tsurugaoka Weight Training Whitey Dances Helen Norman Thelma Eleanor Ellen and Rosiland Tamura Carolyn Tamura Did you know that we got Whitey Ahner from the dog pound or animal shelter Houkenjou Did you know that the Ahner's live in a home that overlooks the ocean Some tough guy was arrested after being told to turn off his five cell phones in an airline Did you know that Garappa Bath House in Urban Town Ayaka Ginyama Nobeoka has closed for good Do you speak Bogo Bokokugo Kokugo or Nihongo Do you want to talk to all people It's never too late to offer a friendly gesture The Edge Keiko Ahner's New Peanuts Don't Ever Make Waves Gaikokujin Bide Your Time Gaikokujin Don't Wear Loud Colors Gaikokujin Figueroa Street Santa Ana 92703 21 Hour Visit to Nobeoka Try to Blend In Gaikokujin Weekly News Oyakokai Weekly News Painful Question Weekly News Pu Aru Cha Try To Be Stylish Anyway Gaikokujintachi How do you wake someone up Slap a newspaper on their head or wet towel Look up guys I found a door Nobeoka Tennis Nishishina Royal Hitotsugaoka Totoro Tsurugaoka Atagoyama English Classes Sazanpia Donkiho te Nobeoka Pizza Minami Nobeoka Near Sazanpia Flower Arrangement Japan Minami Nobeoka Map Let's study English at Moss Burger Study English at Jusco Study English in Your Home Let's Study English in My Home Let's Study English at Sazanpia Let's Study English at Joyfull Let's Study English Heresutopia Let's Study English in a Coffee Shop Near Your Home Let's Study English in Tsurugaoka Let's Study English While We Drive Let's Study English While We Travel Let's Study English While Walking Let's Study English in Your Office Let's Study English at Your School Let's Study English With Your Co workers Let's Study English at Your Kindergarten Youchien Let's Study English at a Snack or Bar or Pub Let's Study English at Your Kouminkan Community Center Let's Study English with Your Family Let's Study English on the Tennis Court Let's Study English ie Scripts I Am Sam Roman Holiday Let's Study English Novels English Study Information Nobeoka New English Class Information Watch a video showing how freedom is won Takanabe Art Museum Video Watch the video of Whitey and Howard heading out to the point Watch Whitey zoom through the sand on Nagahama Beach Nobeoka Watch Howard's ball get lost in the abyss of the Nobeoka Coastline Watch how the Gokase River rushes into the Nagahama Coast of Nobeoka Watch a sideways video RCA Sign in Minami Nobeoka Softball Anyone Metal Detecting in Nobeoka IV This is This Hirobaru Advertise Here Hirobaru Laundromat Nobeoka Back roads Nobeoka Metal Detecting More Metal Detecting in Nobeoka Longed Roped Whitey Ahner Wet Boots Metal Detecting Again in Nobeoka Ose River Nobeoka An Over Nighter in Nobeoka Nobeoka Port Nobeoka Way Nobeoka Mozu Mozu Nobeoka Surf Nagahama Nobeoka Takanabe Art Museum Takanabe Miyazaki Japan Persistence Nebaritsuyoi Percolators Genkinyanahito Rocking Nobeoka We went to Takeda last Saturday We walked up to a castle and had some amazake Japan Neon Animation Pachinko Signs Mr Donut Mr Minami Nobeoka Walk over Bridge Panorama Nobeoka Flowers Cig Ad Nobeoka Execution Grounds Nagahama Metal Detecting Walking Hirabaru Nobeoka Luck has nothing to do with it La Quinta Rings Tired Nobeoka Otemoyan Asahi Kasei English Conversation Teacher Sea Turtle English Class Information Nobeoka Hyuga Kawaminami Daiodani Hyuga Cherry Blossoms A DAY WITH FRIENDS Daiodani Hyuga Cherry Blossoms  We lived here for twelve years Yayoi Chan Ayaka Kino Do you remember the sandcastle we built at Sumie Beach Keiko Ahner's Peanut Factory in Nobeoka Is this a Yamakagashi September 4 2006 News in Japan Tsurugaoka House How much are the property taxes Aeon Miyazaki has some very nice facilities for the handicapped Nobeoka Humor Nobeoka Leaf Swat Nobeoka Black on Purple Atama Butsukeru Yo in Nobeoka Nobeoka Step Down Babies in Nobeoka Hate Nasty Rings To It At Least I'm Interested Play A Myth I Did One For Her And It Was Free She Put Me Down On Her List I'll Get There Good Ear Bad Memory by Howard Ahner Only You In Room by Howard Ahner Akande Dame Tenkasui Nobeoka Tap Water Without the Chlorine Nobeoka Stars Nobeoka Chain English Classes He speaks English at Taku Taku Ramen in Nobeoka Machi Miyazaki Japan He spoke English in Midorigaoka Nobeoka He wants to teach English at Midorigaoka Kouminkan in Nobeoka Castle Town They speak English at Miruku Houikuen in Idekita Village Nobeoka Shi Miyazaki Prefecture Kyushu They even spoke English to me at a Uniqlo Store in Idekita Nobeoka I spoke a little English to a waitress at Kandagawa Restaurant in Midorigaoka Nobeoka Most of the staff at UFO Sawabe in downtown Nobeoka are eager to speak English An owner of a shop on Yamashita Street Nobeoka couldn't stop speaking English to me While shopping at New City Jusco Nobeoka through the years many people have spoken English to me Some have said that even Bokusui spoke a little English in Nobeoka I often speak English to the waitress and some of the customers at Koyou Restaurant in Nobeoka My daughter spoke English on top of Mukabaki Mountain just a way from Nobeoka city I met some people in front of Ho A&A Nobeoka and they could speak English Of course many times I have spoken English at Bunka Center Nobeoka Many times And I have spoken English while using my keitai cellular phone so so many times English Japan This was my first apartment building in 1989 April ugh when I came to Japan These pictures were taken from the top of the Jusco Nobeoka building As you can see Taku Taku Ramen is closed AGAIN today It's always closed on Monday I would like to buy this building in Midorigaoka Nobeoka Someday soon I will teach English at this Midorigaoka Community Center Kouminkan These pictures were taken while driving through Nobeoka City Study English Kadogawa Here are some more pictures while driving through Nobeoka City And finally here are some pictures towards the Southern part of Nobeoka They speak English on top of the Jusco Department store in Nobeoka Miruku Houikuen Probably the Lo or UniqLo stands for 'Low' prices The Game Center is closed on Saturday early mornings Ramen Ginza They Study English in Nobeoka Probably Shirius stands for Serious 'pachinko players' My Life and daughter ate there for lunch There's a new ramen shop in Nobeoka You can get ie dvds music cds and comic books here at GEO Nobeoka The old Chalon Restaurant is now a rotary sushi shop Some people get sensitive when you talk about this hospital in Midorigaoka Nobeoka I am wondering how long 'Right On' can hold out Stay in business The old Bunka Center in Nobeoka looks kind of plain High School baseball I think they call this Gion Machi Nobeoka We often meet in front of A&A Ho Nobeoka to go drinking Koyou Restaurant is my favorite restaurant I love their Katsukare They Study English in Hyuga City This is Sun Road Nobeoka on a rainy evening A music festival at Ursula Junior College You can rent a stage at Kazu Music House They say that Bokusui is famous for his poetry Jusco Nobeoka the last department store in Nobeoka Yamashita Douri or Arcade used to be the place to go They Study English on Yamashita Douri Nobeoka This is just before UFO opened Saigo Takamori Museum is easy to miss as you drive North out of Nobeoka We got married at Gokase Ho but now it's a rest home for the elderly Nobeoka High School Gakkou 7 11 kaDOgaWa Ahner Clo They speak English at a hospital in Idekita Cho Nobeoka Ahner Ed Autumn Oak Irvine Howard Ahner Bunka Culture Kadogawa English Classes in Nobeoka Typhoon Flooding in Nobeoka Typhoon Overflow Ose River Nobeoka Nobeoka Signs Damaged in Typhoon Nobeoka Flood Gates Kami Igata Rains Nobeoka Rooftops Kamiigata Stream Typhooned Gokase River Typhoons Nobeoka Port During Typhoon Nobeoka Surfing Nobeoka Blackboards Nobeoka Drawings We sold our Kami Igata house Kamiigata House Sold Kamiigata Sold Nobeoka Open House Nobeoka For Sale Nobeoka Sold Nobeoka Fishing Nobeoka Bypass Kami Igata Homes Sell Fast Our Nobeoka Nobeoka Rivers More Nobeoka Nobeoka Tree line Nobeoka Bridges Nobeoka Neighbors Nobeoka Skyline Nobeoka Balcony Nobeoka Clouds Nobeoka Skies Nobeoka Grass Igata Fields Nobeoka Some people in Nobeoka will stand on their head in order to get a chance to speak English A lot of kids learned to speak to a foreigner at Igata Cho Nobeoka kouminkan There a lot of people coming to the Ahner house in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka to learn to speak English Howard Ahner spoke to a few troubled people in English during the great typhoon of 2005 I spoke English in the Cocoretta Building in downtown Nobeoka while eating okonomiyaki Many of my students that live around Sazanpia Minami Nobeoka come to study English with me Yes the road to fluent English is a long and difficult one I agree But we here in Nobeoka try Some people that live towards the South of Nobeoka are beginning to study English with Howard Ahner He Often Shines in Nobeoka Yudai Yano Drew This Cool Picture of Howard Ahner Ayaka's Pose Here is Extra Ordinary Harris Kutsunai and Howard Ahner Go on Tozan in 1979 Keiko Yanagita Goes on First Date with Howard Ahner Howard Ahner Shows His Family From California Nobeoka Mimitsu Cherry Blossoms Heisei Drwings At Peare Hikari Jidou Club Kitaura Nobeoka Marches On Mimitsu Hanami Nobeoka Burning Nobeoka Shiohama Howard Ahner Arms and Shoulders Howard at the Temple Nichiren Shoshu See Actual Proof Kirin Asahi Blend in Nobeoka Kitaura Students English Koyou Club Kyushudenki Larry Grabowy was our class president la quinta Larry Upthegrove fellow drafting class member La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Leyda Lopez was in my spanish class with Miss Law La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Maury Plunkett was in my biology class with Mr Smith La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class I took some family members to the top of Atagoyama Nobeoka and we spoke a lot of English there I had an idea to teach English on this boat in Mimitsu Cho but my wife had other ideas We wanted to the use the upstairs room in this drug store in Nobeoka but they said No We were going to study English in the old Daiei Building in Nobeoka but it was bulldozed down We would like to design a treehouse and build it in the city of Nobeoka Japan We talked about a newspaper company in Nobeoka called The Yukan Daily We joked and conversed at a restaurant in Nobeoka called Torisen There are numerous gentlemen that work at Asahi Kasei Chemical and they speak English very well We spoke in the English language and enjoyed some Hyuganatsu a type of fruit grown in Hyuga City Many of the kids living in Kitaura speak to me in the English languge We asked the manager of A Price in Minami Nobeoka if we could use a spare room to teach English in This was the only free space we could find in Nobeoka to teach English in but it's too small We All Eventually Walk Into The Nobeoka Sunset Nobeoka Peare Nobeoka Teachers Nobeoka Nights Light Headed Fun Heisei Stilts Heisei Jungle Gym Heisei Rings Heisei Digging Howard Bows Nobeoka Ink Hososhima Anchor Hososhima Palms Takoyaki Truck They're Stacked Up Against Us Nobeoka Low Riders Bell Gardens Nobeoka Architecture They Kick in Kitaura El Condor No Passa Kawaminami Tennis Zaikouji and Youchien Our tennis game is getting a little rusty around these parts Nobeoka Did you say that today is trash day Oh No It must your turn to put out the trash It's hard to be humble in Nobeoka Japan In Nobeoka the sun shines hottest in August I am looking forward to it I carry T shirts The people of Miyazaki have taught me how to be humble and bow It still feels strange for me I met a homeless person living in that gazebo over there He was a likable fellow I have taught English at almost every Joyfull Restaurant in Nobeoka and Hyuga cities This is the sunset on our way to bed down in Taisekiji home of Nichiren Daishounin concerns We get the sunrise and the sunset This is the sunset in Nobeoka City Miyazaki Japan From certain angles Nobeoka looks like Waikiki in Oahu Hawaii Don't you think so I once hit a grand slam home run on the Giants for New Hope Little League Here's a depiction of Japanese from a long time ago Actually these people dwelt in Nobeoka Japan Naoko Stapchuk Howard Ahner and George Stapchuk Jr during the holidays in Yokohama Japan Keiko Ahner's Sign in Kami Igata Cho Nobeoka doesn't exist anymore George Stapchuk Jr is Seeing Me Off at the LA airport April 23 1989 Thanks George Here are the kids of Matsuyama Cho Nobeoka Japan His name is Yuudai He's a very good kid Howard Ahner's Most Viewed Videos Cradling Heisei Kids in Kawaminami The Wonders of Nobeoka I just can't hide it at Heisei Youchien We are willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause Lower it and jump start in Hososhima Miyazaki I'm crossing you in style Once Twice Three Times a Lady The Rising Tide of Discontent 1997 Drive Through California Nevada and Arizona with the Yanagita's Okubo's Tomoko and Kozue Animal Collection House Closed a Few Years Ago 2001 Keiko Ahner Hososhima Gate Einstein Ahner Passed in 2005 Keiko of Waiwai Drive into Nobeoka from the south The Miyazaki Bull Maybe it's a restaurant Nobeoka Rube Whitey Ahner Anything at A Price n Nobeoka Nobeokagakuen Nobeoka Gyoza Nobeoka Juku Nobeoka Manju Nobeoka Pan Nobeoka Piano Nobeoka Tower Nobeoka Yamaha Nobetakagakuen Papillion Nobeoka Paul Haines played guard on La Quinta 1970 basketball team Howard sat the bench Pete Oliver went to Russell Elementary with Fred Soria and Howard Ahner Rayon Nobeoka rEAdmE PREss Rick Sappington Freshman Baseball La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Robyn Hendy was in my typing class a La Quinta Westminster Roger Rummelfanger was in my chemistry class La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Russell McHale played third base on the championship freshman team of 1967 La Quinta High School Ruth Jaques La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class English Classes in Nobeoka and Hyuga English Classes NOBEOKA Scott Lund played guard on the basketball team La Quinta High School Westminster 1970 Class Stan Petty Steven Simmons SUNdAibUNko Sun Park Hyuga Loc Town Loctown Jusco English Teacher uSIo Yamashita Nobeoka La Quinta High Varsity Westminster California Tsurugaoka er Birth Certificate Accident Hososhima Nobeoka Gakuen Whitey Ahner Graying in Nobeoka 2 007 Stuff The Days of Wine and Roses Furosato The Best of Nobeoka History of Faces Heisei Youchien Kawaminami From 1990 Momotaro or Damian Freestone of Nobeoka Miyazaki Japan Letter to Ichinosawa Nyudo Letter to Jakunichi bo Letter to Konichi bo Letter to Ko no ama Gozen Hey Look They're speaking English on NHK And it's in Nobeoka Anne's House of Nobeoka Chalon became Kandagawa a Rotary Sushi Restaurant in Nobeoka Tiller man Shop Nobeoka Asahi Kan Cinema Nobeoka Tonkatsu Restaurant Before Okawa Kaguya Nobeoka Papillion Restaurant Nobeoka Puri Me Ro Pan Idekita Nobeoka Old Maruzen Bookstore Location Nobeoka Daiei Nobeoka Best Denki Nobeoka Old Roller Skating Rink in Nobeoka Bowling in Tohmi Nobeoka Once upon a time English Class Notes Nobeoka Japan Nobeoka History Ahner Eikaiwa Advertising in Nobeoka New English = New Nobeoka English Classes Here Keiko Ahner's Colors Kamiigata Dog Keiko Ahner's Art Just Whitey Ahner Inoshishi Whitey Ahner Nobeoka Construction Nobeoka Gakuen Happy Times Nobeoka Parking Nobeoka Colors Nobeoka Life This is an ariel view of my mother's house Nobeoka High School Baseball Champions Years Ago Audio Video by Howard Ahner New Road in Kami Igata Keiko Ahner wins again in Nobeoka July 2006 Nobeoka Marks in Time Link to Nobeoka English Hitotsugaoka Band On The Rocks in Miyazaki Prefecture Japan by Howard Ahner Maintain a Low Profile Nobeoka English Teacher Takanabe Art Museum Video Hospitals in Japan Kadogawa Park near Nobeoka Analyzing Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Californians in Nobeoka Pachinko Player's Cough in Nobeoka Japan Prevent Crime in Japan Study English in Nobeoka English Classes Nobeoka Often Thought About Proverbs Aspiration for the Buddha Land Banishment to Sado Beneficial Medicine for All Ills Bestowal of the Mandala of the Mystic Law Clear Sake Gosho Easy Delivery of a Fortune Child General Stone Tiger This is an ariel view of my mother's house This is Whitey on a January Afternoon in 2006 Good Fortune in This Life Great Evil and Great Good Happiness In This World Here's some more of my class notes Here are some Japanese and English sentences Jozo and Jogen Lessening the Karmic Retribution Letter from Echi Letter to Domyo Zemmon This is Sun Road Nobeoka in the early evening on a rainy night Letter to Endo Saemon no jo Letter to Gijo bo I like to eat at Koyou Restaurant Even Joyfull Restaurant looks good at night They get it all off at this cleaners They l me that this chimney is the same height as Atago Mountain Letter to Jakunichi bo Letter to Ko no ama Gozen They let me play on the Sumie tennis court on one humid evening Letter to Priest Nichiro in Prison New Year's Gosho We were babies once No Safety in the Threefold World On Attaining Buddhahood Friends in Zaikouji Midorigaoka School Hagaki 2006 First Drawing Yuina Yurikago Party Okubo and Hikari Jidoukan Matsuyama NTT Midorigaoka Friends Even in Kadogawa UNESCO Speech Thelma Tsurue Kutsunai Takasago Kouminkan Shiori and Kunihiko 8th Grade Commencement Peare Friday at 10 00 AM Naoki Sasada Mirai Juku Military Tennis Unicycling Club Kami Igata Sho Nobeoka Igata Sho Nobeoka Graduation Ceremony California Memories Mubakai Nobeoka Standing Tall Keiko Ahner's Peanut Factory in Nobeoka These pictures were taken from the top of the Jusco Nobeoka building Typhoon Flooding in Nobeoka Mimitsu Cherry Blossoms The Good Life in Nobeoka My Brother What I Love About Nobeoka Totoro Bay Okita Dam Nobeoka Tankidai Nobeoka Sugarcane A&A Ho Nobeoka Bronze Cash Bar Nobeoka Hozai Park Nobeoka Houzai School Houzai Back Bay Keiko Ahner's Painting Keiko Ahner's Painting Keiko Ahner's Painting Class Notes Nobeoka Country Roads Suspension Bridge Gone Suspension Bridge Once Nobeoka Cherries Seiun Bridge Toneru No Eki Water Falls Keiko Ahner's Painting She's my number one fan My bike fits right in Don't you think so When was Mia's last taiko performance Who is going to take Mia's place How did your Honda 50 cc hold up on the way to Takachiho from Nobeoka Is there a train that goes to Toneru No Eki Which was more fun going to Takachiho on your motor scooter or going home on your motor scooter How are the old roads Can you read the signs Is it windy in Japan Where is the Unseen waterfall What were people like in this area Did you find any rest stops Where is Yatou Hinokage How far is this place from Nobeoka Is there a doctor around here Heisei Flips Where can I plant a garden for free Do you know what this means Did your wife paint your house What's the name of that famous pilot in Nobeoka What's his name Goto Yuukichi is known for what What does the Rotary club do in Nobeoka Is he your favorite poet Did you try Kyu Ichi Men ramen when it was in town Where did Keiko get Einstein her first pet dog What do you have to say about Nobeoka New English in Nobeoka New English in Nobeoka Best Videos of Mine Nobeoka Japan Hanashi Click on pictures to see videos of Japan Shakunage from Ougi Yama Shiiba Japan Dr Yarimizu Nobeoka High School Baseball Champions Years Ago Audio Video by Howard Ahner On Top Of The World Max Value Nobeoka Walk Over Bridge 2007 Audio Video Let Me Be Your Guide To America Audio Visual Three Dogs Tied Together For Their Afternoon Walk Lemonade Studio Taima Totoro Nobeoka May 4 2007 by Howard Ahner ie Hyuga Fishing Port ie Takachiho Train Benefit Hyuga Coffee Shop Closed May 4 2007 by Howard Ahner ie Californians in Nobeoka ie My Book on Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Page One ies My Book on Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Page Two ies My Book on Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Page Three ies My Book on Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Page Four ies My Book on Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Page Five ies My Book on Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Page Six ies Picturing Around May 2007 ie See the band again Sunrise in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka Filmed by Howard Ahner April 29 2007 ie Totoro Cho ie in Nobeoka The Outskirts of Kadogawa Cho Miyazaki Film Kadogawa Cho Miyazaki Japan Video On My Way to Hyuga Meru Sasaki Makes It In En Magazine Nobeoka The ie Nobeoka April 26 2007 See The ie Here Metal Detecting in Nobeoka V Watch The ie Here Only For Nobeoka Here Rummaged Ahner Here Oita Ni Ikitai Desu Kedo See The ie Here Free Good Nobeoka Band ie Clip Drinks After Twelve in the Taima Cho Hills Japanese Painters Japan Peanut Painting in Japan Panoramic Japan Japanese Metal Detectors The ie Japanese Sunrises Sunrise in Nobeoka Japan Nobeoka Baseball Baseball Nobeoka English Study Buddhism in Nobeoka New Road in Kami Igata Kami Igata Dog Ed Arial Was For Sale Nobeoka Professional Study Buddhism in Nobeoka FREE Tsurugaoka er Meisui Nobeoka This building used to house Asahi Kan Cinema Now it houses a clinic of some kind Friends of Nobeoka Keiko Ahner's Colors Ahner English Nobeoka Advertising Nobeoka Hit Nobeoka ICU Nobeoka Kasutera Nobeoka Mitsubishi Nobeoka Money Atarashii Nobeoka Eikaiwa English Teacher Wednesdays at 10 AM Nobeoka Divers Trees in Nobeoka Nobeoka Wireless Some Japanese Sentences A Father Takes Faith A Sage Perceives the Three Existences of Life A Ship to Cross the Sea of Suffering Ahner Keiko Draws Nobeoka Super Ursula Field Ebisu Festival Business Festival Keiko's Hiding Place Mt Kagamiyama Saigo's Clan Saigo's War Bronze Mirror More Pictures Atorie Nobeoka Peare The Wonders of Nobeoka Nobeoka Waves of English Study Brand New English Teacher in Nobeoka Harada Kusuri Nobeoka Guriya Facil Fashi ru Daiso Hyuga Chofu Takara Hypermall Merx How to go to Nobeoka Enthusiasm Makes The Difference They're Coming to Nobeoka They're coming to Nobeoka Howard's Art Fun With English Kayako Gokase Teibou Hospital Promotion Just Under The Wire Panoramic Nobeoka Rock Owls Nobeoka Ga Suki I am late for Peare Tens of Droppings Large Companies in Japan Are The Winners Bird Waterers Rikabucho Mr Yamashita Said Kuhi Area Fees College Talk Cliffs Kaigo Japanese English 3 1 2007 Japanese English 3 2 2007 Japanese English 3 3 2007 Japanese English Review 3 5 2007 1965 1966 2004 Links Here's some work that Keiko Ahner did in Wildomar California in March and April 2006 Granite City Illinois Born Howard Ahner is now in Nobeoka Japan Teaching English Nobeoka Link Curing Karmic Disease Letter to Misawa Letter to Konichi bo On Omens Thus I Heard The Votary of the Lotus Sutra Will Meet Persecution The Problem To Be Pondered Night and Day On Persecutions Befalling the Buddha The Royal Palace The Unmatched Fortune of the Law The Drum at the Gate of Thunder The Teaching for the Latter Day Consecrating an Image of Shakyamuni An Outline of the Zokurui and Other Chapters Admonitions Against Slander Bestowal of the Mandala of the Mystic Law The Receipt of New Fiefs The Unity of Husband and Wife Letter to Ko no ama Gozen Winter Always Turns to Spring On Filial and Unfilial Conduct A Father Takes Faith A Warning against Begrudging One's Fief The Mongol Envoys Reply to Tokimitsu Reply to Myoho Bikuni Gozen Beneficial Medicine for All Ills A Sage Perceives the Three Existences of Life The Proof of the Lotus Sutra Letter to Jakunichi bo Aspiration for the Buddha Land Reply to Lord Shijo Kingo The Universal Salty Taste Letter to Gijo bo New Year's Gosho Persecution at Tatsunokuchi Easy Delivery of a Fortune Child Reply to Lord Matsuno's Wife The Birth of Tsukimaro The Offering of a Summer Robe The Difficulty of Sustaining Faith Banishment to Sado Postscript to the Rissho Ankoku Ron Reply to a Believer On Flowers and Seeds Reply to Ko Nyudo Unseen Virtue and Visible Reward Reply to Lord Matsuno Letter from Echi Reply to Lady Onichi nyo Letter to Endo Saemon no jo Letter to Priest Nichiro in Prison The Property of Rice Happiness In This World Great Evil and Great Good The Wonderful Means of Surmounting Obstacles Upholding Faith in the Gohonzon Roots of Good Fortune Reply to Jibu bo No Safety in the Threefold World Nichiren Daishoun Letter to Horen Nichiren Daishounin King Rinda Nichiren Daishounin Jozo and Jogen Nichiren Daishounin Bodhisattva Hachiman Nichiren Daishounin On Prayer Nichiren Daishounin The Opening of the Eyes Part I The Opening of the Eyes Part II Conversation between a Sage and an Unenlightened Man Conversation between a Sage and an Unenlightened Man Part II Establishment of the Legitimate Teaching for the Protection of the Country How Those Initially Aspiring to the Way Can Attain Buddhahood Through the Lotus Sutra The Learned Doctor Shan wu wei The Entity of the Mystic Law The Pure and Far reaching Voice Reply to Takahashi Nyudo The Teaching Capacity Time and Country The Doctrine of Attaining Buddhahood in One's Present Form Encouragement to a Sick Person The Essence of the Yakuo Chapter The Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra The Supreme Leader of the World The Treasure of a Filial Child The Supremacy of the Law Reply to Nii ama The Workings of Bonten and Taishaku The Story of Ohashi no Taro The Teaching in Accordance with the Buddha's Own Mind The Treatment of Illness and the Points of Difference between Mahayana and Hinayana and Provisional Repaying Debts of Gratitude On Practicing the Buddha's Teachings On the Urabon Letter to the Priests of Seicho ji Letter to Nichimyo Shonin Letter to Shomitsu bo Questions and Answers on Embracing the Lotus Sutra Reply to Sairen bo Rationale for Submitting the Rissho Ankoku Ron Persecution by Sword and Staff Rebuking Slander of the Law and Eradicating Sins Recitation of the Hoben and Juryo Chapters Reply to Lord Hakiri Saburo Reply to Yasaburo Letter to Ichinosawa Nyudo Letter to Myomitsu Shonin Reply to Hoshina Goro Taro Wu lung and I lung White Horses and White Swans The Sutra of True Requital The Kalpa of Decrease The Farther the Source the Longer the Stream The Third Doctrine The One eyed Turtle and the Floating Sandalwood Log Letter to Nakaoki Nyudo General Stone Tiger The Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life Lessening the Karmic Retribution Letter to the Brothers On Itai Doshin On Persecutions Befalling the Buddha Hell is the Land of Tranquil Delight On Prolonging Life On the Buddha's Beh or On the Buddha's Prophecy On the Treasure Tower Propagation by the Wise The Embankments of Faith The Dragon Gate Strategy of the Lotus Sutra Reply to Kyo o The Person and the Law The One Essential Phrase The Gift of Rice The Real Aspect of the Gohonzon Letter of Petition from Yorimoto Introduction and Preface to the Ongi Kuden Namu Myoho Renge Kyo Devotion to the Lotus Sutra Muryogi Sutra Sutra of Innumerable Meanings Chapter 3 Simile and Parable Hiyu Chapter 4 Faith and Understanding Shinge Chapter 6 Prediction Juki Chapter 7 Phantom City Kejoyu Chapter 8 Prophecy of Enlightenment for Five Hundred Disciples Gohyaku Deshi Juki Study English in Nobeoka Here Flexing my muscles in Nobeoka seems to be a waste of energy It's a 50 000 yen fine for riding double on a bicycle in Nobeoka It's a 50 000 Yen fine for riding your bicycle at night in Nobeoka without a headlamp It's a 50 000 Yen fine for talking on your cell phone while riding your bicycle in Nobeoka It's a 500 000 yen fine for riding your bicycle while slightly drunk in Nobeoka Japan It's fun just to sit near an entrance and watch the people of Nobeoka Change in Nobeoka will come AFTER words When a man has been under continual attacks it is criminal of you not teach him to defend himself What one man can do ANY man can do The Edge You can get a credit card with point card value at Yamada D in Hyuga and get 5 000 points Fire can be made from ice Mold a prism in your hands and make fire The Edge The first infant to be found in the baby hatch in Japan was 3 or 4 years old A tough guy was arrested for not turning off his five cell phones on an airline in Japan Do you speak Bogo Bokokugo Kokugo or Nihongo It's never too late to offer a friendly gesture in Nobeoka to Japanese people Stay Out of the Mainstay in Kadogawa Gaikokujins Don't Ever Make Waves Alligator Gaikokujins Bide Your Time which end in Japan bearded men Don't Wear Loud Colors in Nobeoka Howard Ahner Try to Blend In The Clouds Gaikokujin of Japan Try To Be Stylish in the Inaka of Nobeoka Anyway Gaikokujintachi How do you wake someone up in Nobeoka Slap a newspaper on their head or wet towel It always seems that good ideas surface when I DON'T have my pen and paper I think if I were to leave Nobeoka tomorrow no one would remember me after five years I am relatively in the groove I think At least everyone is satisfied in Nobeoka well it seems so Some of us feel cornered in Nobeoka You don't want to get caught in a lightening storm in Midorigaoka Nobeoka They said they couldn't see his ears from certain angles But he lived in Nobeoka Someone said he could light up the room with his head He lived in Nobeoka for a while Nobeoka Racket Man Mushi No Koe Donguri Koro Runoff Blue Dancer by Keiko Ahner Take me to your leader New Public Speakers of Japan Alumni Links Harbor Drive In Theatre La Quinta High Varsity Sakura Flowers Japan Japanican Freepatentsonline Sea Turtles Japan Japanese Gardens Nobeoka Basketball Japan Segway Japan Japanese Jewelry Ancient Shiba Dog Whitey and Midorigaoka Friend Southern Press Sazanpia Nobeoka en Magazine Cherry Blossoms Marushe Megane No Miki Miyabi Mizokuchi Moisteane Nissay Nobeoka Train Overturned OA Nakahara Old Building Hyuga Pan De Mie Pizza La Hyuga Ralli Art Mitsubishi Suzuhana Takayama Fashion Uehara Boxing Unama Uno Club Ai Wan Kara Shi to Harada Kusuri Hypermall Merx Ichigoya Ittoko Jusco Joyfull Joyfull Hyuga Miyazaki Joyfull South Side Hyuga Kadogawa Fence Kadogawa Library Kaifuku Kanebo Keirin Kitakata Flood Kitakata Nobeoka Lotto Numbers Makino GumiLTD Nobeoka Bamba Odori July 28 2007 Long Coat Nagahama Wooden Gatherings by Howard Ahner in Nobeoka Mannequins in Nobeoka There was a Sergeant I had Sgt Beavers who always said Get your shit together Only you can Nobeoka Sunset June 26 2006 With Howard and Whitey Ahner Midorigaoka Stomping Grounds Nobeoka with Howard Ahner From 1989 It's a little confusing Postmen are allowed to ride on the sidewalks but not citizens Welcome to the all new modern looking Nobeoka City Rear View Mirror Young American Tsurugaoka Drive Around by Howard Ahner Howard Ahner's Videos in Nobeoka Japan New English Man in Nobeoka Takoyaki Stand in Kadogawa Town has been closed down Double Decker Gasoline Stand in Japan Still Exist in Nobeoka You can gamble on the horses in Kadogawa at a Keirin place Nobeoka Salmon is Delicious How does one process one's rice in Japan A Typical Bus Stop in Totoro Town Nobeoka Japan Nobeoka Strawberries The Kadogawa Home wide used to be on this location Now there is a Lawson Convenience Store A Good Friend Kobato in February 2008 We went shopping at Point Peg in Nobeoka City Miyazaki We seldom go to this Joyfull Restaurant in Idekita Nobeoka City Miyazaki Ken Here's a walk over bridge in Nobeoka City Japan Here's the Joyfull Restaurant near the road to Takachiho in Nobeoka Let's study at Sazanpia Nobeoka There's an Okonomiyaki restaurant over there that I like very much It's in Nobeoka This used to be the Anne's House of Nobeoka Do you know the one on Beach Blvd in Buena Park CA Here's the only Surfer's Shop in Nobeoka This Nishi No Maru Pachinko Parlor in Nobeoka is still closed And yes they even have a Colonel Sander's in Nobeoka This is perhaps the busiest Pachinko Parlor in Nobeoka City Gasoline is going down in price It's now 93 yen a liter A liter is about a quart I believe Some of you old timers may remember the motorcycle hanging from that yard arm over there I am still living easy in the city of Nobeoka Japan The old Chalon Restaurant has been turned into a rotary sushi bar At this Pachinko Parlor the steel balls now cost 1 yen each They used to cost 3 yen each And we do have a Mr Donut here in Nobeoka We are not barbarians you know In Nobeoka we even have a Baskin Robin's 31 Flavors ice cream parlor Moss Burger is the closest thing to a good hamburger joint one can find in Nobeoka City Miyazaki Old Ahner Family Pictures Mondays at the Ahner House in Tsurugaoka Nobeoka for English Classes Urashiro Excursion on February 20 2008 My Birthday Old Nobeoka Granite City Illinois Hitting Home Runs The Embankments of Faith A Father Takes Faith A Sage Perceives the Three Existences of Life A Ship to Cross the Sea of Suffering A Warning against Begrudging One's Fief An Outline of the Zokurui and Other Chapters Aspiration for the Buddha Land Banishment to Sado Beneficial Medicine for All Ills Bestowal of the Mandala of the Mystic Law Bodhisattva Hachiman Clear Sake Gosho Urashiro Link Kami Igata Location Smoking Zaikouji Akemashite Nobeoka Nobeoka Climber Nobeoka Plato Matsuyama House Puri Me Ro Pan Nobeoka Einstein Ahner Nobeoka Exercise Nobeoka Praying From Nobeoka Houkenshou Gokase Sunset Whitey Ahner Kami Igata Cho Entrance Nobeoka Smokers Nobeoka Air Act Nobeoka Bronze Smokey Hills of Nobeoka What did the fish say when he hit the Kawashima wall Damn How do you spell joyful Nobeoka Sone Cho Key master's House Tables and Chairs Nobeoka All Will Be Quiet on Sun Road Nobeoka Sicily in Nobeoka The Smoking Guns of Nobeoka Igata Smoke Masters Going Away From Mt Okue Nobeoka Re Building Nobeoka Before Building Yamashita Street Nobeoka Minami Nobeoka Honda Shop Gion Machi Nobeoka Eve Saloon Nobeoka Bronze not Blondes Nobeoka Taku Taku Ramen Nobeoka Roofs in Nobeoka Nobeoka Fog Keiko Ahner's Background Wash Howard Ahner US ARMY Takanabe Bridge They Call It Mellow Narrow Quit Rightly Gokase Ho Nobeoka Hi No Maru Howard Ahner's Doodling Nobeoka Dunkin' Animal Collection House Keiko Ahner Mitate Valley Miyazaki Kitagawa English Station Miyazaki Nobeoka Promise Nobeoka PTA Nobeoka Ramen Nobeoka Rice Nobeoka Rotary Nobeoka Shopper Nobeoka Soccer English for Soccers Hiroko and Narumi Hikari Jidoukan Zaikouji Champions A Simple Thank You Keiko Ahner's Friends Future Teachers Band Leader Keiko Ahner Koten Miyazaki Yamasaki Building November 2006 Keiko Ahner Koten Miyazaki Yamasaki Building November 2006 #2 Keiko Ahner Koten Peare Film He Sings Sasaki es Kitaura Lives Growth Rings Kami Igata Red means Go and White means Stop in Japan Keiko Ahner's Videos of Her Paintings Whitey Ahner Our Chibi Kami Igata Matchi Nobeoka Totoro Graduation 2007 Nobeoka Suzuki Nobeoka Team Nobeoka Temple Nobeoka Ticket Nobeoka Train Wreck Nobeoka Typhoon Nobeoka Water Nobeoka Wonder Nobeoka Light Blue Curing Karmic Disease The Opening of the Eyes Part I The Past Fortunate Man Zaikouji Summer Hitotsugaoka Fireworks Onsen Together We Are Chibi My Favorite Meal Pick Up Bottles Bottle Gathering Cracked Bottles Whizzing Nobeoka They're Coming to Nobeoka They're coming to Nobeoka Nichiren Daishounin's Writings Ahner Eikaiwa Ad Missed English Nobeoka Mt Enotake Hohri River Hot Springs Event in Nobeoka Decayed Nobeoka Daddy Long Legs Nobeoka Country Road Nobeoka Take Me Home Contented Whitey Ahner in Nobeoka Cast Nobeoka Bus Stop Pool Nobeoka Bald Mountain Nobeoka Ahner Eikaiwa Howard Ahner Nobeoka Typhoon Go Go August 2 2007 by Howard Ahner Street Drumming Nobeoka 2007 by Howard Ahner Study English On Top of Atago Yama Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Eleanor Ahner is In Stride by Howard Ahner Aron Hits it Big in Nobeoka by Howard Ahner Zaikouji Lined by Howard Ahner She Leads by Howard Ahner Happyoukai in Zaikouji by Howard Ahner Fun in Zaikouji by Howard Ahner Begging in Zaikouji by Howard Ahner Study English in Zaikouji Japan by Howard Ahner Being Useful in Japan by Howard Ahner English Memories by Howard Ahner Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Ahner's and Yanagita's The Kutsunai's Atago Yama in Nobeoka City Japan by Howard Ahner How to learn to speak Japanese and English at the same time by Howard Ahner Letter to Akimoto Letter to Domyo Zemmon Letter to Endo Saemon no jo Letter to Gijo bo Letter to Horen Play Nice in Nobeoka Takoyaki Nobeoker The Craft of English Nobeoka Touched in Nobeoka Typhoon Ginza Howard Ahner's Crayon Art Failed Electronic Nobeoka Failed Gasoline Stand Nobeoka Fresh Nobeoka Nobeoka needs some fresh eyes Hikari April Kagamiyama Stock Farm Park Kitaura Drifts Marine Diving Nobeoka New Kindergarten Nobeoka Railroad Crossing Nobeoka Ryota Kawaminami Sumie Nobeoka Tabacco Nobeoka NT Tunnels to Kitaura From Nobeoka Whitey Hiding Eiko Yanagita Emi Kodama Emily Kono Eri Kai Naoki Sasada Shuuhei Kodama Takashi Inui Eriko Fukumitsu Yuriya Kusano Fumigo Goto Jun Sudou Masashi Kagawa Goro Furumoto Takashi Yamada Hideki Amakawa Nobuo Nakashima Tsuyoko Mizuta Chieko Yoshioka Yumi Yokoyama Mika Ooyama Fuki Sakaguchi Nobuaki Iwai Itsuka Watanabe Sayoko Yoshimura Fumiko Ogawa Fumiko Tagawa Fumiyo Matsumura Gary Leyton Saki Okada Hitomi Ayaka Glen Ahner Haruka Hidaka Yuuki Hidaka Ise Hidaka Haruna Kitayama Chikashi Nagano Shouko Kurogi Megumi Kawano Yuki Sawada Hiroaki Honda Masahide Murata Yachiyo Takahashi Yuka Tanaka Tatsumi Murata Hideki Matsuoka Akiko Honda Ryou Ueno Tonami Kubota Tatsuki Kodama Shuu Awano Kouhei Tanaka Miharu Komatsu Shougou Tawara Minami Akari Ayari Okufuji Atsuko Hirano Nao Minami Shiori Tougo Nagisa Morita Manami Furukawa Rina Kawano Yuuki Kawano Riku Ishida Toyota Yuuta Kimura Satsuki Kodama Kaito Kodama Hiroya Unehara Yoshihiro Takahashi Keita Kouzuma Naohiro Minami Henry B lla Hidemi Kurogi Hidemi Matsumoto Hideyo Yoshida Hideyuki Kai Hiroaki Aishima Hiro Maeda Hiroki Sasada Hiroko Niiro Hiromichi Arase Hiromu Imakiire Takao Tanaka Hiroshi Kawano Naomi Yanagi Hiroshi Doi Hiroshi Kai Hiroshi Saito Hiroto Aoyama Hiroto Kazumata Hisako Hidada Hisako Okura Ikuko Fujimoto Ikuku Baba Isao Shiihara Itsuko Nonoue Izumi Kai Jeff Romonko Sayuri Masuda Junichi Hirose Junko Mizumoto Kaharu Umon Kanako Kodama Kaori Ito Kaori Kawashima Kaori Ono Akane Miura Kawagoe Ryouko Kayo Kotake Kayo Nakano Kayoko Hirota Kayoko Kurimoto Kayoko Tachibana Kazuhiko Someya Kazuko Kohdatsu Kazuyo Nakao Soda Byouin Kazuyuki Matsuda Keiko Hino Keiko Kawano Keiko Ogawa Keiko Sasaki Keiko Taguchi Keiko Yakizaki Kenichi Shimoda Kenichiro Kitabayashi Kentarou Kadomura Kentarou Kaneko Kenzo Wada Kerry Dunne Koji Kai Kosei Taniwaki Kotani Kai Kou Osaki Kouhei Kai Kouhei Miyaki Kouhei Oomura Kousuke Iwakiri Kozue Omichi Kumiko Morishita Kyoko Asada Kyoko Furuta Kyoko Kashiwado Nobuko Minato Toshimi Takahashi Yoko Jukurogi Rumiko Yanagita Tomoe Yoshida Yumiko Nakagawa Rena Anegawa Seiko Shiba Tezuka Osamu Mari Sasaki Naoki Murakami Mariko Kai Mariko Mii Mariko Sanada Marilyn Paul Masahiko Matsubayashi Masahiro Sato Masako Horiuchi Masami Miyagoe Masano Harada Masao Katsura Masaru Ito Masato Setoguchi Masato Tsuyoshi Masatoshi Kai Masayo Kudou Mika Ueno Mayu Inayoshi Mayuka Miura Mayumi Hayashi Mayumi Kaikake Mayumi Nakamura Megumi Fujitaka Megumi Iwasaki Megumi Nagano Mei Nagahama Michael Cooper Michiko Ando Michiko Suzuki Michiyo Kobayashi Midori Nakanishi Mieko Matsuno Mieko Naono Miho Kurogi Mihoko Hirasawa Mika Katou Mika Michimae Mika Mikako Katsusuko Mikasa 0982 34 9587 me at Bronze was APEX Co father Urusula owner Mika Ueno Mike Naron and Miyuki Naron Miki Himeno Mikiko Katsuki Mikiko Hiroto Kayako Aoyama Miki Satou Minako Ono Minami Hazeyama Minami Mizunaga Mitsugu Takada Mitsuo Arimura Miwa Kumagoe Mizuna Onizuka Fumino Kawahara Tomofumi Kawakami Modoka Nasu Monique Algie Blais Motoko Takagi Motomi Matsuda Munehisa Kodama Munenori Aman Murakami Mutsuko Kai Mutsumi Suda Nao Sumioka Naoki Maeda Naoko Matsuda Naomi Natsuda Naomi Natsuki Yagita Natsuko Hirano Natsuko Mimata Neal Leiman Noriko Higashi Noriko Kodama Noriko Nakanishi Noriko Satou Kyuushuu Denryoku Noriko Todaka Nozomi NaganoO A Peters 13162 Newhop St GG 92843 Osamu Hoshino Osamu Yasunaga Pam Kutsunai Yoshiko Oka Kayoko Kurimoto Shouko Suzuki Kahoru Mori Hiromichi Tanaka Satomi Someya Miyoko Yano Sumiko Kai Yoshiko Oka Mitsugu Takado Noriko Kishimori Chisato Kadogawa Naomi Matsuda Takeko Mizuta Yashisusha Shimada Masayo Takato Ikumi Suenaga Yoshitaka Yamashita Hiroko Kawano Naoko Kawamata Yoriko Taguchi Keiko Kitayama Kaname Kawano Naomi Matsuda Rumiko Yanagita Toru Ide Takami Yamashita Shigetoshi Fumiklo Tagawa Tsunako Izumi Toshiko Tajima Reiko Noza Noboru Takashima Yoshiki Nomura Shinobu Ogata Peter Ishii Ran Kai Reiko Hanaoka Rhondi Shigemura Richard Delrio Rie Ishigawa Rie Watanabe Rika Ikeda Rika Kurogi Rika Tokumaru RINA AND MIKA UENO Rina Asami Saki Natsumi Risa Kai Eri Kai Takumi Kai Ritsuko Hashimoto Roger Onuma Royal Tennis Club Rumi Kawano Home Rumiko Kitagawa Ryoko Hosokawa Ryou Ogata Ryouta Kawaminami Ryuna Katou Ryusei Ishihara Sachiko Kubozaki Sachiko Oga Saho Hamamatsu Saki Nakata Genta Okada Satoko Kosaka Satoko Yamamoto Satomi Taniwaki Satoru JAZZ FANTASY Satou Michiko Sayaka Suda Sayaka Nasu Seiko Matsushita Setsuyo Kojima Shigeyuki Mohara Shigemitsu Nagata Shiho Kodama Shiho Tajima Shin Masuda Shinji Keneko Shinka Sakaguchi Shinya Agagi Kunihiko Sogabe Shiori Ichimasa Shiori Kai Shiori Maeda Shizoku Akasu Shizuka Soga Shoichirou Ono Shoji Hisatomi Shosaku Aramaki Shouhei Kai Shouta Nakano Shoya Kodama Shunsuke MatsumotoShunsuke Nakashima Miruku Shuuhei Kodama Soda Byouin Souhei Akuta Steven Snyder Sue Oser Suzuko Kurogi Akira Matsumoto Toshinobu Morikawa Katsuhiko Nakai Kazuhiro Shiiba Shuichi Sudo Toshirou Taniguchi Kazuki Tateo Ajisaka Shintarou Baba Toshihiko Honda Taeko Yamamoto Eiji Kamitani Akemi Kimura Kayo Takahiro Goto Taigaa Jyukurogi Takahiro Kurogi Takahiro Matsubayashi Takako Jennings Takako Yoshida Takanobu Nagatomo Takashi Goto Takashi Inui Yuu Hirose Satomi Imakiire Yuri Umino Yuuko Umino Takeshi Fukagawa Ogaji Cho Nobeoka Takeshi Kai Satomi Imakiire Taketoshi Nomoto Takeyuki Yamamoto Takiko Hirasaki Tomitaka Hyuga Takumi Kai Matsuyama Cho Takumi Takuya Kuroki Tateo Ajisaka Tatsuko Akiki Tatsunori Ogawa Tatsuya Hisanaga Takayoshi Nanba Shuji Oonishi Jyunya Tokita Tomiko Nakashikma Tomoko Kitano Tomoko Ooshima Tomoko Uesugi Tomomi Kodama Tomomi Kuroda Tony Randles Toshie Mizuide Toshifumi Goto Toshiharu Sakamoto Toshihide Kai Toshiko Fukunaga Toshiko Kutsunai Arboles Avenue Orange Toshiharu Sakamoto Toshio Ishii Tsubasa Yamada Tsunako Izumi Usui Toshiko Fumio Tanabe Toshiko Tajima Shinichi Kouzu Toshirou Nagaoka Wakako Kawagoe Takasago Kominkan Wakako Yamashita Wakana Hagihara Yaeko Hotta Yaeko Yano Yamashita Masashi Kruogi Yasuhiro Sawa Yusuke Kido Futami Tamiko Shouko Izuno Setuko Shiiba Kasumi Furukawa Yasuko Shiga Yoko Shiga Yasunori Okada Yayoi or Suu Chan Yoko Nomura Yoshiaki Soda Dr Soda Yoshie Ishii Yoshiki Nomura Yoshiko Kikuchi Yoshiko Oka Yoshiro Niita Yousuke Sasaki Yui Nagata Yuji Goto Yuka Goto Yukari Satou Yukari Kai Yukari Oshiga Yuki Hidaka Yuki Kawano Yuki Kitabayashi Yuki Ono Yuki Kentaro and Motoomi Kaneko Yukie Ishizaka Yukiko Suzuki Yuki Sasaki Yuko Motomura Yumi Hamada Yumi Yanagita Yumiko Ono Yuna Yamamoto Yuri Umino Yuriko Inoue Yurina Nakano Yusuke Toda Yuta Fukunaga Yutaro Suda Yutaro Yoshioka Tsunetomi Nobeoka Yuto Inada Yuuko Umino Yuuko Shimoda Yuusuke Kuroki Yuusuke Nasu Yuutaro Yoshioka Yuuto Inada Yuuto Suguro Akane Kuga Shun Inouchi Koudai Makihira Yuusei Makihira Miyuu Tanaka Maimi Tanaka Mamika Yanagita Arisa Iwakiri Hiroyuki Matsumoto Yukako Kuroki Rina Inouchi Yoshitaka Yamashita Akiko Tanaka Hiroko Kawano Yasuhisa Shimoda Masayo Takata Eriko Matsuda Sachiko Kijima Nobeoka Tennessee Waltz Kahoru Mori Yoshiko Oka Tomoyuki Takahashi tennis Yoshiko Takahashi Miki Takahashi volleyball Harry Potter Ayaka Matsumoto dance Hauru Ugokushiro Mami Mitarai dance Harry Potter Shiori Taguchi piano Tonari No Totoro Yukina Taguchi piano Riko Takamori badminton Tonari No Totoro Yukiko Koyano basketball Harry Potter Mao Ogawa karaoke One Piece Haura Wada dokusho ryouri Harry Potter Nana Tokudome badminton Harry Potter Rina Tokudome badminton Tonari No Totoro Mizuki Gotou swing Kurenai no buta Mayoushi Yagino Maya Nishimura basketball Mask Ima Ai ni Yukimasu Rina Toitaka softball Harry Potter Kotomi Sayuri Takamura badminton Hauru no Ugokushiro Sayaka Tatsuta apples kingyousou Harry Potter Yuto Kanemaru Miyuu Kanemaru Yukina Satou Daichi Tanaka Yuta Higashi Takao nakashima Takanori Inoue Nakagawa Masakazu Kawano Terumi, Risa Kazumi Nene Tanoue Seina Nakamura Seiya Morita Shougo Ogi Shouta Shibasaki Natsuno Furusho Yuudai Yano Touma Suzuki Nanami Hidaka Shougo Nishikawa Tsubasa Okufuji Sasa Yamaguchi Suzu Hagiwara Kouhei Iwazune Kawanabe Shachi Hagiwara Sakura Morita Meika Mishima Ryouna Tanoue Souta Ryota Eura Ryukei Kawamura Itona Mochihara Ibuki Mochihara Marika Saifu Yui Miyaki Momoka Sakai Kyoko Okada Kazuko Tomiyama Kayo Tsuchida Mitsuho Yoshida Yui Umeda Ayaka Matsumoto Arisa Iwakiri Maria Iwakiri Maho Atsugatsuka Rio Atsugatsuka Miku Inada Mana Kurogi Moeka Yugawa Mai Watanabe Kodai Masuda Tomoyuki Takahashi Kazukhiro Shiiba Nanaka Eura Kazuki Uchida Riko Miyashita Nanami Matsuki Tsubasa Kimura Kouki Kobayashi Katsuhiro Masuda Yuki Takada Honoka Ukezeki Takehiro Hasuna Shinse Egawa Ryusei Egawa Junki Ogato Yuka Sueyasu Ena Sueyasu Mayuko Miyahara Misaki Miyahara Seitaro Oda Seitaro Mori Shugo Fukada Kouki Yuki Yamana Riko Katakabe Miwa Iwamoto Koudai Asahi Shiiba Mieko Naono Tomiko Futami Setsuko Shiiba Yasuko Iwakiri Asahikasei is a great company to work for Kawashima Youchien is a great kindergarten Tsuno concrete walk in Miyazaki Internet Cafe